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American Winter Infantry in 15mm

In this post, we take a close look at some 15mm miniatures that Brenden Brown painted for Flames of War. This time, he shows off his World War 2 American Winter Infantry.

As a note, Brenden Brown painted all of the models and took all of the pictures in this post. These pictures are not his newest work and a couple of years old. His newest work is even more impressive!

American Infantry in Winter Uniforms

Brenden painted up an entire platoon of American Infantry in Winter Uniforms for urban environment settings. These models can be used as American Airborne or as regular American Infantry. I don’t believe they are available through BattleFront anymore. They are older miniatures.

Now, let’s take a closer look.

The Pictures

Check these guys out. Brenden did an absolutely great job basing and painting these 15mm minis.

American Winter Infantry up close and personal in 15mm. Flames of War Miniatures
A close up of one of his teams. Check out his winter effects. They look great!
A winter based Flames of War stand.
The back of a team.
American Winter Infantry armed with a 50 Caliber Machine Gun. 15mm miniatures for Flames of War and other games.
Check out that 50 Cal. Don’t try rushing these guys. You will just get mowed down!
Instructions for Winter basing winter miniatures for Flames of War.
Looks so awesome. Check out that Bazooka.

How Brenden Based the Miniatures

To base these miniatures, Brenden used the Urban Bases by BattleFront. Look up “XX106 Plastic Bases – Rubble” if you are interested in them on the Flames of War webstore. He then added bits of rubble (which is just kitty litter that he washed heavily). After that, he used regular snow flock, which Gale Force 9 sells. Just sprinkle it on the base with glue and leave it.

To get that wet look, Brenden added some gloss (or mixed water effect) to finish the basing off.

An American Winter Infantry Platoon in 15mm miniatures
Just beautiful. Check out those bases. How Brenden achieved that effect is outlined above.
An American Head Quarters Unit for Wintertime WW2 soldiers. 15mm Flames of War Miniatures.
A final shot of the commander of this platoon. These minis look great! Keep in mind that they are just 15mm. That is roughly 1/100 for any scale modelers out there.

Wrapping it up…

The last time that we talked about Brenden Brown, we looked at his Strelkovy Platoon. The way he made those bases fit together like a puzzle I found absolutely awesome! While his work on these miniatures predates those of the Strelkovy Platoon, he made these miniatures look great too! If you want to see more of his work, we have a section on this website dedicated to his showcases.

Thank you for joining me in this look at Brenden’s American Winter Infantry for Flames of War. Brenden made these miniatures look great and I always like checking out his work.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!