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Showcase: Gundam Style Toy Mechs

In my Samurai Robots Battle Royale Battle Report, giant Gundam style toy mechs battled it out on the tabletop. In this post, I showcase some of those stompy robots.

Now, I don’t 100% know where you can get these miniatures from. The Game Master at the event told me that they are actually toys. He got them from vending machines in Japan and based them himself. Despite them being toys, they look great. They were also pretty fun on the tabletop.

Now, let’s get to those pictures.

Toy Gundam Mechs

Check these guys out!

Gundam Toy from Vending Machine
This one just bristles with guns.
Gundam style toy mechs
This one managed to really challenge my mech at the start of the battle.
Gundam style toy mechs used as miniatures
I really liked controlling this mech. It reminded me of the mechs that I liked in the console game Front Mission from years ago.
Gundam style toy mechs
And the back of the mech. For toys, the manufacturers packed a lot of details on these figures.

Very cool. What do you think of these Gundam style toy mechs? They are really nice and contain a lot of detail. When I saw the figures, I was sure to sign up for this demo game at Broadsword 8.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this showcase articles of the Gundams that we used in a demo game of Samurai Robots Battle Royale. I wanted to include the pictures in the Battle Report, but decided to break it up into two posts instead. This way you can look up either the narrative of the game, or at the eye-candy of the toys.

For toys, these Gundams are mighty fine. I don’t even know if the owner had to paint them or not. He said all he did was base them. The mechs look even better on that very appealing Cigar Box Battle Mat.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Update: September 4, 2020

The Game Master found out about the miniatures at Gundam Figures – SOG and bought them from a seller on EBay.

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  1. Gilles

    Gashapons are often difficult to get hold of outside of Japan. To my knowledge, the only place outside of eBay stocking them is HobbyLinkJapan.
    Gundam Converge mechs may do the trick, if you are not adverse to the slight SD esthetics.
    Otherwise, HG 1/144 kit are probably the way to go, as they are pretty cheap and can be built quickly enough. The scale may be a bit big though.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks for the tips Gilles. Much appreciated.

  2. Rob

    There’s a whole bunch of mini gundam lines out there with limited articulation. While not as optimal for miniature painting as still figures like the ones used in the demo, the price is a lot more reasonable and many can be found at stores like Barnes & Noble or modeling shops. I use the following blogsite to check out potential figures:

    Personally, I can vouch for the Assault Kingdom and Universal Unit lines, with the latter one still showing up reguarly on sites like ebay.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Those figures look really cool! Thanks for adding in the link Rob.

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