The Walking Dead: All Out War – Eye Candy

The Walking Dead: All Out War – Eye Candy

Sometimes I don’t always get to include the images I wish in a post. This could be for a variety of reasons, but it happened very recently in my last post about The Walking Dead. In this post, I showcase the images that look good, but did not fit into the narrative (or post length) of my Walking Dead Battle Report. This article is a showcase piece and, as such, features cool images from the game The Walking Dead: All Out War.

Pictures Not in the Battle Report

Yes, I reused the picture above from the earlier mentioned Battle Report. The rest of these images are new though. Now, let’s take a closer look.

Zombie Miniature by Mantic Games - The Walking Dead
I really like this miniature. Andrew painted her up well.
Allen vs Zombie in the Walking Dead Miniatures Game 28mm
Allen trying to take out a Zombie. Not much luck here. I always find it neat to take a look at how other people paint up their miniatures.
The Walking Dead 28mm Miniature Zombie Game by Mantic Games - Shane vs zombie
Shane versus a Zombie with some of the Board Game type components surrounding the game table.

Pictures from the Other Table

In my Battle Report, I mentioned how I had the option to choose between two scenarios. In the scenario I did not choose, I would have played as Brian ‘The Governor’ Blake versus an onslaught of Zombies. Interesting enough, I believe this scenario might be right out of the Solo Play Starter Set The Prelude to Woodbury. Andrew also happened to have the Scenery Booster Pack from The Walking Dead: All Out War at that table. This made the table look really cool.

Although I did not play at that table, I had to get some pictures of that cool terrain made by Mantic Games. Check out these pictures!

The Walking Dead All Out War Terrain Pack Truck
The damaged truck from the scenery booster pack by Mantic Games.
Mantic Games The Walking Dead 28mm Terrain - Vehicles
Another angle of that same truck. I really like the look of these terrain pieces. Even though they are not painted, they make the table look really nice.
The Walking Dead: All Out War Terrain for 28mm
A shot showing more of the Governer’s gaming table. Looks great even without the paint.

I must say, that even though I don’t own it, I really like the look of that Terrain Pack.

What’s with the Grey Miniatures?

The pictures taken above showcase a mixture of painted and unpainted miniatures. I asked one of the people from the Hamilton Tabletop Gaming Society (the group the game host Andrew belongs to) why they went with a mix of painted and unpainted miniatures for the Demo Games at this convention.

The answer came back fairly well thought out and reasoned. SkyCon, the convention this event ran at runs a large mix of games. Role Playing Games happens to be the main focus with Board Games and Miniatures Games running in behind that. By Showcasing the game using toy cars, 2D paper terrain, and a mix of painted and unpainted miniatures, the hope is that the game will appear less intimidating to those that want to try it out. The hope is that some of the people at the event for the other types of games will give this a try and start playing miniatures games too.

Not a bad answer at all. For those of you in the Hamilton, Guelph, and Toronto areas, you might want to look into the Hamilton Tabletop Gaming Society if you haven’t already. They are a great group of guys running the most mixed and varied set of miniatures games that I have ever encountered. Look them up if you are within driving distance of their area.

The group is also very active in the gaming community and it is great to see them out at various conventions and their own event Broadsword (which is this coming May 4, 2019).

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick Showcase Article showing off some images of The Walking Dead: All Out War. These images are a continuation of my previous Battle Report of the game and I had a lot of fun testing out the system.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Andrés F.

    To be honest, I have to say SkyCon’s explanation feels unconvincing to me. In my experience, painted minis make a game way more appealing and approachable for newcomers; if their worry was that a high quality paintjob might have seemed hard to achieve, they could have been painted the minis using a few block colors + washes, which produces decent results and is very easy to replicate. Plus the people demoing the game could have explained their audience how to do so.

    My suspicion if that the real reason for all that grey plastic was the all too common — and entirely understandable! — “had a ton of minis to paint, ran out of time for the convention, had to make do with what we had” 😉

    Also, and I really hate to sound negative — I hope you know by now I usually post enthusiastic and positive posts! — I’ve simply run out of interest in zombie games. There are too many of them out there. I’ve settled with Zombicide (the core, not even bought any expansions) which consistently gives my gaming group fun & rules-lite games, plus a ton of cool minis (which, to be fair, are still mostly gray!). Before this game, I played the free print-and-play “Zombie Plague” and the commercial game “Zombies!!!”. I don’t foresee myself ever buying or being interested in a zombie themed game ever again. It doesn’t help that I abandoned The Walking Dead (TV show) in season 5, bored to tears. The entertainment industry has been running this theme to the ground for years, and to me it’s dead and buried… pun intended 😀

    Sorry, I promise I’ll be more positive for your next post! I just needed to get this off my chest.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hey Andres. I am just reporting the story told to me. I must say that I also prefer a painted table when I can get it. They had a demo of the new Lord of the Rings Starter there too, but I didn’t try that because it wasn’t painted yet. I know the guy running this table so there was added incentive for me to give this game at the show.

      Personally, I don’t play a lot of Zombie Games. I wanted to try this one for a while so I was happy to see it at SkyCon. I do own Black Plague and Last Days too. Haven’t tried Black Plague and I have found myself too busy to do Battle Reports for Last Days.

      Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to hearing back from you again.

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