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Cruel Seas MTB Showcase Round Up

Today’s quick article is a round up of Motor Torpedo Boat Articles I wrote. This post contains links to the articles I wrote so far about Cruel Seas. Those articles are showcase pieces of the Motor Torpedo Boats belonging to the British, American and German Navies in Cruel Seas.

For those just coming into Cruel Seas, this is a 1/300 (6mm) scale naval battle game. This game by Warlord Games focuses on the motor boats of WW2.

The Showcases

The images below all act as links to the related articles.

Cruel Seas Painted US Navy PT Boat Flotilla Miniatures by Warlord Games
The PT Boat of the United States Navy. Link.
Vosper MTB Miniature for Cruel Seas by Warlord Games
The Vosper MTB of the British Royal Navy. Link.
Painted E-boat for Cruel Seas by Warlord Games
The E-Boat of the Kriegsmarine. Link.
Cruel Seas Torpedo Motor Boat Painted Miniatures Showcase Round Up
This is a quick summary article I wrote for Bell of Lost Souls regarding the three boats above. Link.

Wrapping it up…

Cruel Seas is a cool and sharp looking game by Warlord Games. I hope you enjoy checking out the articles above.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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