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Why Didn’t They Do That from the Start? Cigar Box Battle Mats

I learned some big news today about the Cigar Box Battle Mats’ Kickstarter Campaign. The news is that Cigar Box Battle decided to unlock all of the stretch goals for the Kickstarter. This is extremely exciting news and it makes a lot of sense.

While discussing the project on Social Media and two websites (Must Contain Minis and Bell of Lost Souls), a common question is why can’t we get those stretch goal designs now!!??

I fully understand that the guys did this as they want more funding to finance producing the new designs. That said, a lot of what I hear online is that people want those new designs now. Some people even have their eyes exclusively on some of the new designs and are waiting for those designs to get funded before they jump in.

It is an interesting predicament and the guys at Cigar Box Battle have been hearing the same feedback. They have listened to their fans and announced that all of the new designs are now good to go!!!

New Designs

We have already looked at some of the designs on this site, but I wanted to look at a few more of the new ones.

Cigar Box Battle Stretch Goal for Kickstarter
This is the Redwood Conflict. It is one of my favourites of the new mats and I could see it working well for a number of games including Flint and Feather, Blood and Plunder, Ghost Archipelago, Bolt Action and many Fantasy settings. This mat is on my wish list.
Cigar Box Battle Mats Kickstarter Stretch Goal
A Dark Marshland. This one would be a neat setting for a number of games. Kind of has a creepy vibe to it as well.
Gaslands Gaming Mat
This one would make for a great Gaslands Mat. I am sure a creative person could find other uses for this mat too. Many of the people in the Gaslands community were outspoken about this mat not being available until $80,000 was reached when this is the only mat that they want. Hopefully they can jump in now if they are interested.
New Europe Gaming Mat
This one is an update to a classic mat already produced. The artwork on this one is more “photo-realistic” than that of the original mat. They still produce both mats, so which one would you choose?

Old Designs

Many of Cigar Box Battle Mats’ old designs are also available through this Kickstarter Campaign. Below is a quick look at a couple of those designs.

Old Europe Mat by Cigar Box Battle
This mat is the older version of the new mat above. It is also available through this Kickstarter Campaign. Which one do you like better?
Muddy Barren gaming mat by Cigar Box Battle Mats
I really like this mat. Who knows, maybe you will see it in a future Battle Report or Miniature Showcase.

Wrapping it up…

Cigar Box Battle went to Kickstarter this time around because they have to raise their prices in the future. This is an opportunity for their fans to save some money and get some new designs at the same time. The new designs are quite nice and it is great to see that they listened to the fans and made all the designs available to backers. If you like what you see, check it out!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!