You are currently viewing Dracula’s America “Nickstarter” – Forbidden Power

Dracula’s America “Nickstarter” – Forbidden Power

Have you seen this? North Star Military Figures is at it again with yet another Nickstarter, this time for the new Dracula’s America – Forbidden Power Expansion. I always like these “Nickstarters,” which are basically a pre-sales program for North Star. This one is no exception.

This pre-sales opportunity gives buyers a chance to buy some cool products at a good price with some “free” stuff thrown in the deal as well. For my American readers, North Star Military Figures has an American Sales Partner. Check out Brigade Games to get the same deal, but from an American company. This campaign runs until July 8, 2018.

Images used with permission from North Star Military Figures

The Pledge Levels

There are various levels at which you can pledge to get in on this deal.

Level one Nickstarter Rewards for Dracula's America Forbidden Power
Level one of this Nickstarter Campaign for Dracula’s America includes the book “Forbidden Powers” and a “Posse Sheet” for the Kin. On top of these items, you also get the “unlocked” Nickstarter items for basically the price of the book.
Level two is the one to go in on if you are new to the game and want all of the books. Cool.
Dracula's America Forbidden Power Nickstarter
The level 3 pledge starts to include some miniatures with the expansion. Personally, I think these minis are cool and I really like the models for the Salem Sisterhood. The Posse on the left is the Church of Dagon Posse and the one on the right is the Salem Sisterhood Posse.
Dracula's America Forbidden Power Nickstarter
The fourth pledge level includes a third posse – The Kin.

On top of the items above in the Nickstarter orders, purchasers also get extra rewards. The first reward is a cool set of tokens and this item has already been unlocked.

Dracula's America Forbidden Power Tokens
These tokens will come free with every Nickstarter order.

There are also extra miniatures getting close to being unlocked.

If you like what you see here, be sure to visit either the Nickstarter Page to take a closer look at the deals or head on over to North Star Military Figures’ Website to order yourself one of the pledge levels.

Wrapping it up…

Today’s post is just meant to raise awareness about North Star Military Figures’ current Nickstarter Campaign. If this looks like something that interests you, be sure to check it out.

There are some cool miniatures related to this project and the artwork with each book in the series just keeps getting better and better. Below are some of the minis that capture my interest.

Salem Sisterhood miniatures
The Salem Sisterhood. These minis look really cool to me. I bet they would creep into other games too if I owned them. 🙂
Call of Cthulhu miniatures in Dracula's America Forbidden Power
What Cthulhu related game would be complete without an Investigator of some sort. 🙂


Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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