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The Everrain Kickstarter by Grimlord Games

Grimlord Games is one of the many companies that I keep my eye on. Today, they went live with their kickstarter for the new board game, the Everrain.

I have not yet tried a Grimlord Games’ Game, but they all look so cool. Their first game, Village Attacks, is very well rated on BoardGameGeek. The art and theme draw me to their newest game, The Everrain. The purpose of this post is to draw attention to their cool looking Everrain Kickstarter Campaign.

Note: All of the images in this post are from Grimlord Games.

Everrain Kickstarter by Grimlord Games
The art work for this game looks amazing!

The Story

The premise of this cooperative game is simple. The world is drowning from non-stop rain. You are a researcher / explorer and you set out with your ship and crew to figure out why the rain will never stop. This exploration, of course, leads to the discovery of Cthulhu looking sea monsters with a sinister plot. If you want more, I embedded the video with the story below.

The Game Board

As you may have noticed from the video, the players each get their own playing card of a ship that they control. On the board are various areas to search and discover.

The Everrain Ship Card - Grimlord Games
This card sparked my imagination. It looks very interesting to me.
Everrain Game Board
The Game Board looks pretty slick.

Being that this is a Kickstarter, the company must show off its components.

Components of the Base Kickstarter Box

Grimlord Games plans to pack the box with a ton of content.

The Everrain by Grimlord Games Box Contents
The Everrain base pledge box contents. Lots of stuff here.

My interest is of course in the miniatures.  🙂

The Miniatures

Check out the look of these miniatures.

Everrain Doctor art
The Doctor of your crew. Not sure if I want him operating on me.  🙂
Painted Grimlord Games The Everrain Doctor
The Doctor Painted up. Looks great!
Everrain Ships
The Boats for on the map board. Awesome! Looks like rough seas!
Everrain Monsters
The Monsters / Enemies in the game.
Painted Amar
The Amar all painted up.

Grimlord Games also set a number of stretch goals to unlock new miniatures. The one below is my favourite.

Check out the telescope that navigator carries. It could likely double as a club!

Wrapping it up…

This post is a quick awareness article to let you know about Grimlord Games’ The Everrain Kickstarter. The imagery and theme of this game has certainly caught my attention. If you want to know more, be sure to check out their Kickstarter Page.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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Disclaimer: Make sure that you are aware of, and okay with, the risks involved with a Kickstarter project before you back one.