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Wargames Atlantic Goes to Nam – In Space!!!

Have you seen the news about Wargames Atlantic’s new kit – SpaceNam with Reptilian Overlords?

These new miniatures look so cool!! When I saw previews of this new set, I thought about how Wargames Atlantic covers near every type of 28mm human Sci-Fi solders that one could ever want for a miniatures game. What surprised me about this release is how quickly they came after news of their Sci-Fi British Soldiers. On top of that, Wargames Atlantic also released news of their upcoming space bugs!

Just amazing!

As a note, all of the images in this post come from the Wargames Atlantic website.

Now, back to these new figures. With the SpaceNam miniatures made by Wargames Atlantic in partnership with Reptilian Overlords, we find some 28mm Sci-Fi Jungle fighters who look super heroic. On top of that, these are on pre-order already!

Now, just look at this box art! Absolutely amazing!!!

SpaceNam 28mm Sci-fi jungle fighter miniatures - a great proxy for Catachan Jungle Fighters by Games Workshop
My jaw dropped when I saw the news of these figures. Consider my interest captured!!!

Yes, there are other companies that make 28mm Sci-Fi jungle fighters, but these are new! They also happen to be half the price of another company I know that has some jungle fighters!!

Now, onto the sprues.

The Sprues – SpaceNam

Wargames Atlantic has given us a preview of the sprues to these miniatures. I took a copy and placed it here for easy access. Check them out.

SpaceNam Sprue - Alternative 28mm miniatures to Games Workshop Catchan Jungle Fighters
A look at the sprue. I am going to have to get my hands on these figures, so I can take some better pictures of what is on the sprue. Sorry Wargames Atlantic – please don’t take offence.
Back side of the proposed sprue
The other side of the sprue.

These guys have some big muscles and what look to be heavy bullet proof vests. I also see some weapons that resemble a sniper rifle, grenade launcher, flame thrower, and a few other things too.

Now, let’s see how these minis look when constructed.

Art and Constructed Minis – SpaceNam

Concept Art
Here is that concept art. These soldiers look as tough as any jungle fighters that I have ever seen. Perhaps tougher.

To me, these look similar to Catachan Jungle Fighters by Games Workshop, but perhaps tougher. Look at those vests. They actually offer some protection. These minis also happen to be newer. If you use these as alternative figures, you are looking at slightly less than half the cost vs GW. You can save even more by buying multiple boxes at a time.

SpaceNam miniatures by Wargames Atlantic and Reptilian Overlords
A group of sample minis. Nice to see a heavy weapon in there.
SpaceNam soldiers
Some great looking figures. The paint job on them looks fantastic too!

Wrapping it up…

Today’s post was about raising awareness about a new product taking pre-orders that I think looks super cool! There are similarities to Catachan Jungle Fighters in that they both come across as Vietnam War inspired Sci-Fi figures. That said, there are more than enough differences in style and execution to make these different and something special in their own way.

When it comes to 28mm Human Sci-Fi minis, I am loving the variety that Wargames Atlantic keeps putting out. There are so many different options for proxy guards in their product lines. Perhaps you use them for other games. That’s okay too!

Personally, I love the Les Grognard models and like that they already have heavy weapon teams. I hope that they come out with Heavy Weapons Teams for these SpaceNam Soldiers soon.

I also really like their Bulldogs. These are Sci-Fi British inspired minis. On top of that, all of their sets are really nice. If you want to help build the release schedule for the minis that Wargames Atlantic is making with Reptilian Overlords, check out their survey. That said, this survey is almost over so it might be over if you go there from here. Still worth a check though.

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick look at some miniatures that excited my imagination.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Take on the horrors of space with these brand new minis by Wargames Atlantic and Reptilian Overlords!!!

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  1. -

    Lovely miniatures, but without even built examples and using companys own images this feels more like a paid add.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      It’s not a paid ad, but thanks for the comment. Just something I am excited about so I wanted to share the news with my readers.

  2. Andrés F.

    Nice minis!

    These look obviously suitable for Imperial Guard, especially Catachan, but I think I would rather use them for near-future wargaming.

  3. Andrés F.

    Also, Jacob, have you seen their preview of the Chinese Boxers? Seems even more interesting!

    I already own their Afghan tribal warriors from the same range, which I bought after reading your article about them.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hey Andres,

      I have not yet got to take a look at the Chinese boxers yet. I have lots of others I could review, but not those ones.

      If there are other ones you want me to take a closer look at, let me know! 🙂

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