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Review and Showcase of my “Outlander” Gang

In preparation for the game of A Fistful of Kung Fu that I will run at the Broadsword 2 gaming convention in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on August 20th, I have been reviewing my miniatures that will make up the forces for this game. Today’s review and showcase is actually a bit of a mishmash of manufacturers. The ones that I will be reviewing are by RAFM Miniatures because I know who made them. For the others, please chime in to the comments area if you know who produces them.

This group of miniatures is my gang that I refer to as the “Outlanders,” The concept is that they are a wasteland gang in a post apocalyptic world that loot and raid others. If Necromunda is ever resurrected, I will likely use this group of miniatures as a gang in that game. First up for my gang, we have Kook the Raider by RAFM. He sells for $5.95 Canadian off or the RAFM web-store and take a look at how well he paints up.

Post Apocalyptic Warrior - 32mm Miniature - RAFM - USX Modern Day Heroes
This model is so well sculpted that he practically paints himself. Look at how well the MinWax Solution brings out the detail.
Post Apocalyptic Warrior - 32mm Miniature
Great detail in the face, body and clothes.
Post Apocalyptic Warrior - 32mm Miniature
Even the details on the back are great. The sculptor did a really amazing job on this one. I just love getting a mini that is so well detailed that it paints itself once the base and shading are applied.

This mini was done when I was getting better at painting miniatures, but my technique had not yet advanced from what I was doing with board-game miniatures. To paint them, I primed, painted the base colours and then shaded them with a MinWax wash. A keen-eyed reader will note that at the time of painting these figures, I started to pay attention to the bases. In my earlier models, I would just paint the base and not bother with basing materials. Here I started adding terrain to the bases.

The next model that I want to look at is Goose by RAFM. He also sells for $5.95 and also looks amazing. Just like Kook, Goose is so well sculpted that he paints himself with a base coat and wash.

Post Apocalyptic Warrior - 32mm Miniature - RAFM - USX Modern Day Heroes
Who doesn’t have use for a chainsaw wielding maniac in their Post Apocalyptic games?
Post Apocalyptic Warrior - 32mm Miniature with Chainsaw
Nice details on the back.
Post Apocalyptic Warrior - 32mm Miniature - RAFM - USX Modern Day Heroes
Overall, just a great mini.

The next mini that we will look at is El Rojo by RAFM. He, like the others, sells for $5.95 and looks very menacing. I believe he is intended for more of an Urban environment, but I have him painted up for my “Outlander” gang. He is also available in the USX Adventure Heroes box set that has 9 miniatures for $34.95 Canadian. Not a bad price at all.

Post Apocalyptic Warrior - 32mm Miniature
Another great figure.
Post Apocalyptic Warrior - 32mm Miniature
Nice details all around.
I will post a picture at the end of this article of what a real pro-painter can do with the El Rojo and Kook models.

The final RAFM Model that I have in this gang is Scourge. He is a little stouter than the others but also clocks in at $5.95. I think I might have seen someone in a movie once that this model is loosely based on, but I can’t recall from what movie.

Tin Man Miniature - RAFM - USX Modern Day Heroes
A man in full metal armour carrying a Flame Thrower and RPG. Doubt you can get much more serious fire power than this.  🙂
Heavy - RAFM - USX Modern Day Heroes
I am betting that fuel tank on his back is his weak spot.
Another great mini.

These next minis are also part of my “Outlanders” gang. I am uncertain as to who manufactured them. My guess is that they are all OOP.

Gorkamorka Miniature
This is one of the earliest miniatures that I painted (back when I got back into painting). I actually bought him to take my mind off of painting the first Edition of Descent by Fantasy Flight Games.
Gorkamorka Miniature
This figure came with the one above. I did a horrible job on the eyes and that is part of the reason I let the ink do the work now.
Warzone Miniature
Warzone Miniature
This is probably one of the best sets of eyes that I have painted on a model.

If you know who makes any of the models above, let me know. To end off, let’s look at a size comparison of the models followed by what a real pro can do with these figures.

Miniature Scale Comparison RAFM, Warzone, GW, Reaper Miniatures
Above is a size Comparison of the figures. Left to Right… El Rojo by RAFM, Unknown, GW Cultist, Goose by RAFM, GW Cultist, Kook by RAFM, A Pirate by Reaper Minis, Scourge by RAFM, Unknown.
Assembled post Apocalyptic Miniatures Crew
Together, this group forms my full gang of “Outlanders.”

Finally, let’s take a look at how well a professional paints up El Rojo and Kook. Both of the following images are from RAFM’s web store.

RAFM Miniature
El Rojo. Some nice details on this figure. (Image from RAFM’s web-store)
RAFM Miniature
Kook. Look at this paint job. Click the image to take a closer look. Wow!!! (Image from RAFM’s web-store)

I hope that my readers enjoyed today’s article. Stay tuned for more reviews and showcases from my collection of miniatures.

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