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Playing Flint and Feather

This post is a short Battle Report that quickly discusses playing Flint and Feather. It goes hand-in-hand with the article that I wrote for Bell of Lost Souls checking out the beauty of these miniatures! This After Action Report is based on a game that I played at Hotlead 2018.

Here, I played as the red based warband. My Companions (the two in the title image above) lead a group of four war-bearers and one stripling into battle. The stripling is a youth that we want to keep alive for the future of our tribe. The man with a spear is my primary champion and the one with white and black warpaint is my second Companion.

Flint and Feather Warband - Crucible Crush
My Flint and Feather Warband for this demo game at Hotlead 2018.

To start, we deployed our warbands. I set mine into two separate groups – one lead by each Companion. My opponent did the same thing with his troops.

Flint and Feather AAR
A Flint and Feather Battle Table. Check out that Cigar Box Battle Mat. It is specially licensed for this game. My unit is made of the two groups closest to the bottom of the image.

The object of this battle was to survive, collect treasure (furs), and carry those furs off the board. Kind of similar to Frostgrave. The main rule book holds many more scenarios (including many featuring Raids, Ambushes, Pursuits and Rescues).

The First Engagement

My middle group ran fast to the first fur, while my left side group advanced and fired arrows at their enemies.

Flint and Feather by Crucible Crush AAR - Miniatures Game
Capturing furs in Flint and Feather.

My opponent also rushed for the nearby treasure.

Flint and Feather Battle Report - by Crucible Crush
My opponent also captures a fur right off the top of the game.

At the end of the first round, this is how the table looked. Our groups are fairly close together and the fighting will start soon!

Flint and Feather play test
Both sides have captured a fur (treasure) and plan on how to engage the enemy.

At this point, my plan was to concentrate my attacks on the enemy group on my left. The enemy’s plan was to concentrate both of their groups on my middle group.

Flint and Feather Wargame Plan of Attack
I outlined my plan in yellow and my opponent’s in purple. I had planned to move the group on the left to the circle and to fire arrows from there at my enemy while moving in on them with my center group. My enemy planned to concentrate their fire and efforts on my center group.

The Plan Goes Wrong (Horribly Wrong)!!!

As my center group made their way along their planned route, one of the guys got distracted with treasure! The other two pushed forward to engage the enemy. My bowmen caused no real damage. By the time my center guys got to the melee combat, the advantage heavily leaned towards my opponent.

Flint and Feather Battle Report
At this time, one of my opponent’s War Bearers became a Companion through a random event. Not good!!! All of a sudden it went from an about even fight to my opponent having a serious advantage. Here, he has two champions and a war bearer versus one of my champions and a war bearer.
Flint and Feather Miniature Wargame Markers
After a round of combat, my guys suffered some heavy wounds. Check out those markers! They are awesome and come in the Flint and Feather starter set!
Flint and Feather Native American Miniatures and Battle Report
This group hunted down my warband. Off topic – but the miniatures in this game are really beautiful.
Flint and Feather Battle Report
Two of my opponents’ Warriors broke off to attack the war bearer collecting furs. They took him out of the battle fast! Elsewhere, one of my guys took an arrow through the heart and gets taken out of action.
Flint and Feather Huron vs Iroquois Battle Report
Having lost a number of my guys, I took what I had left and sent them to battle in the middle of the board. My hope was to help my Companion so he could disengage and escape with his life! I even brought my bowmen into the melee.
Flint and Feather After Action Report Loss
My guys escaped and ran them off the board as fast as they could. They suffered a massive defeat and gathered no treasure, but they did escape with their lives.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing the game even though I lost. The miniatures are awesome. The scenery looks good and the rules are fun!

The Rules

Being that the full rule book is not out yet, I will keep this section brief. We also used the “Beta” rules so details may still be subject to change.

In this game, every miniature has a combat value. This combat value represents the model’s strength in battle and is the single stat that you have to worry about. That said, how your minis are armed and what they are carrying has an effect in the game.

You roll to activate and there is a benefit to keeping your forces together with a Champion or Great Warrior.

For battle, there is a card dynamic that comes into play. These cards outline what attack or defense move you will attempt to execute in battle. Companions and Great Warriors get to choose which to use and certain cards pair with different weapons better. Lower status warriors get their card drawn at random. These cards add an interesting “Rock, Paper, Scissors” dynamic to the game.

Playing Flint and Feather
Playing Flint and Feather. Some great miniatures in this game!!!

One thing that took some getting use to for me is the turn order. In this game, the active player activates a group, the opponent gets to react and then the player finishes their turn. In essence, the game goes “I start my turn, you have a limited chance to react, I complete my turn.” Then the opponent gets to activate for their turn and it goes “they act, I have a limited chance to react, they finish their turn.” The turns flip back and forth like this for the game. Not exactly an “I Go, You Go” sort of game. Once you catch on, it is easy, but it takes some getting use to. Exactly what your actions could be, I don’t 100% remember but it wasn’t too difficult. The format basically gives your opponent an opportunity to react to your actions.

Because you are rolling for activation, there is a chance that you will accidentally leave a guy behind and are unable to activate him again until you send a leader closer to him for motivation.

The campaign rules were not used in this demo. I am really looking forward to the release of their full rule set so we can see what the campaign rules entail. For those that know me, I really like games with campaign systems!!!

Wrapping it Up…

Overall, this was a really fun game with some great miniatures. If you haven’t checked out the line of miniatures or the game itself from Crucible Crush, be sure to look them up. Personally, I am really looking forward to checking out the full rules and already own a number of miniatures from the game.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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    Letting some flesh paint dry on my Flint and Feather Hurons and I came across this article. Great to hear that the official rule book could appear in August. There is a possibility that I’ll bring my warriors to play at KEGSCON in September.

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