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Hotlead 2018 Convention Report

This post is a Convention Report of my experience at Hotlead 2018 (my favourite local gaming convention).

For those that do not know of Hotlead, this is an absolutely fantastic gaming event that took place in Stratford (Ontario, Canada). My connection to this event is special as it brought be back into Miniature Gaming after a long hiatus from the hobby. At the 2017 event, I ran a participation game of Frostgrave and went for a day. This year (2018), I went to all three days. I also went as a participant rather than as a Game Master. What a fantastic time I had!!!

If you are a dedicated reader of this site, you will have already seen a lot of Hotlead 2018 content. That said, this post has some new content, and compiles links to all the stories I wrote about Hotlead 2018 to a single page.

Game Tables

One of the awesome things about Hotlead is all the amazing tables. The most stunning of which this year, were the ones in the Lord of the Rings Tournament.

Amazing Hobbit Terrain - Games Workshop
Check out this stunning table. It was one of many from the Hobbit Tournament at Hotlead 2018. Wow!!!

Outside of getting some awesome shots of the Hobbit tables, I also got a number of shots of some other cool tables.

Charlie Company at Hotlead
Here some guys play Charlie Company by RAFM. That gaming mat by Cigar Box Battle really makes this table look nice!
Hotlead Gaming Tables
A Mass Battle of some sort. The table looks great.
Hotlead 2018 Convention Report
I think this was a game of Chain of Command. The table looks pretty cool. The picture below is of the Trenches on the upper left side of the board.
Hotlead 2018 Convention Report
Check out those trenches.
BattleTech at Hotlead
BattleTech. I must admit that I have a small collection of BattleTech due to Hotlead. 🙂
Hotlead Gaming Convention
Not sure what this game is, but I see a tank!

Although I took a few pictures of the tables around, I spent most of my time trying out different games.

Article Round Up…

Below are a number of articles on Must Contain Minis related to Hotlead 2018. Hopefully you can find a few among them that interest you.

Shadspire showcase of painted miniatures
My first try of Shadespire. This article is a showcase of some well painted minis and also a report of my first thoughts on the game.
Fire & Fury War of 1812 Battle Report - British vs Americans Baltimore
A War of 1812 Battle Report.
Bolt Action Tank War Demo at Hotlead 2018
A Bolt Action Tank Battle Report.
American Civil War Iron Ships Miniatures Game - Naval Combat
An American Civil War Naval Battle Report.
Playing Flint and Feather by Crucible Crush.
Playing Flint and Feather by Crucible Crush.
Flint and Feather Miniature article about Crucible Crush on Bell of Lost Souls
I also wrote an article for Bell of Lost Souls showcasing the miniatures of Flint and Feather. These minis look great!
Flames of War Army - Late War Canadian Rifles
Hotlead also runs “Bring and Buy” tables. One of the items I sold is this Canadian Flames of War Army. Lots of pictures of the minis in this post.
Pulp Figures and Crucible Crush
A quick look at the Pulp Figures and Crucible Crush Vendor Booths.
Hobbit Miniatures Game Protected Village Battle Board
This table, like most of the tables in this post, is absolutely awesome!!! Check out the Hobbit tables at Hotlead 2018.

As you can see, I gave this event a ton of coverage because it is a fantastic event!

Wrapping it up…

If you haven’t been before, be sure to check the event out. Over 300 people attended Hotlead 2018 where more than 50 Game Masters ran participation games for many people. There is nothing better than being able to go to an event and try out a new game on a beautiful board. Best of all, all it cost me was the price of admission to the event.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Ontario Conventions

Just a quick note… I started a page on this site as a resource to all Miniature Gamers and Miniature Convention Organizers in Ontario (Canada). This page is dedicated to listing all events that I know of the size of a small convention or larger in Ontario. My preference is for events full of demo and participation miniature games but all miniature gaming conventions are welcome. If you are running a large Warhammer tournament at an off-site venue, let us know. Likewise, if you are running a convention with a number of participation tables, let us know. In fact, if you are running a large Ontario based event focusing on the more “obscure” games, I will give you free advertising on this site.

Be sure to visit our new “Ontario Miniature Gaming Convention” page.

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