You are currently viewing Flames of War Army for Sale – Canadian/British Rifle Company

Flames of War Army for Sale – Canadian/British Rifle Company

Update (October 14, 2018)… This Canadian Army is now completely sold. 

Still read the post though for some excellent pictures.

Update (March 28, 2018)… This collection is now mostly sold. Please feel free to read through the article for some great shots of some assembled minis, but all that remains are two platoons of infantry and a command section. 

As many of my readers may know from my social media accounts, I am very excited about the upcoming Hotlead Convention in Stratford, March 16 to 18. One of the draws to this event is the bring and buy table, and I plan to sell one of my four Flames of War Armies at this event. The army in question is my Late War British/Canadian Rifles Company.

What is special about this force? Absolutely everyone has a ride. Not a single soldier has to march through Holland when Kangaroos and Carriers are plentiful!

Flames of War Mobile Canadian Rifles Company
This Flames of War army will be on Sale at Hotlead (unless someone emails me an offer ahead of time). All of the miniatures in the picture above are made by Battle Front.

In addition to the models above, I also have five 15mm Plastic Soldier Company Allied Half-tracks for sale.

Plastic Soldier Company Half Tracks
Also for sale is this box of 5 Allied Half Tracks by Plastic Soldier Company.

I would like to sell this Flames of War Army as a whole company for $140 Canadian, but may end up breaking up the set and selling it piecemeal on Hotlead’s Bring and Buy Tables.

Now let’s take a closer look at the models that I have for sale.

Flames of War Miniatures for Sale

Anti-Tank Platoon – Royal Canadian Artillery

Flames of War sale British 17 Pounders and the Halftrack mounts.
British 17 Pounders and the Halftrack mounts.
A table-level look at the Canadian 17-pounder Guns.
A table-level look at the Canadian/British 17-pounder Guns.

Heavy Mortar Platoon

15mm Loyd Carriers Flames of War
Loyd Carriers for the Heavy Mortar Teams.
Heavy Mortar Platoon - FOW British
The Heavy Mortar Platoon.
Flames of War British Heavy Mortar Platoon
The Heavy Mortar Team with their rides.

Rifle Company Platoons

There are two Rifle Platoons in this sales list as well as a total of six Kangaroos for them to ride.

15mm Canadian Rifle Platoon for Flames of War
Canadian Rifle Platoon #1. Can also be used as British without the Transports.
British / Canadian Rifle Platoon - Late War Flames of War
Canadian Rifle Platoon #2. Can also be used as British without the Transports.
15mm RAM Kangaroo - WW2 Armoured Transport
A closer look at one of the Kangaroos.

Vickers HMG Platoon

MMG Carriers and one Command Troop Carrier.
British MMG Platoon from Flames of War
The MMG Teams.
15mm WW2 MMG Carriers and MMG Infantry Platoon
The MMG Platoon with Rides.

PIAT Battery Carrier Patrol

Now this is a uniquely Canadian unit. Near the end of WW2, the Canadians experimented with mounting large numbers of PIAT Launchers to the backs of their universal carriers. In so doing, they could rain death and destruction on their enemies. Game wise, they operate like mounted Medium Mortars with a reduced range.

15mm PIAT Battery Universal Carriers
PIAT Battery Carriers

Flames of War PIAT Launcher Battery Carrier

Universal Carrier PIAT Launcher Battery
I really enjoyed building these minis. While they didn’t perform the best on the table, they offered a very unique model to field on the table.

Head Quarters

A typical set of Commanders.
Full Canadian Rifles Command Team - Flames of War
The Canadian Rifles Command Team. This set includes two command stands, one Hero, one PIAT Launcher, one Light Mortar and three Snipers.
British Snipers for Flames of War
What late war infantry company would be complete without a set of snipers? 🙂
15mm WW2 Jeep - FoW
Because this is a Mobile Rifle Company, the commanders have a jeep to quickly get around the table.


Hopefully you enjoyed this quick look at the Flames of War Army that I have for Sale at Hotlead. If you are going to Hotlead (or are local to Kitchener / Waterloo [Ontario, Canada]), and are interested in this army – then send me an email and maybe we will come to an arrangement before the Bring and Buy event.

I hope to put the money towards a new camera for the website (and perhaps a few more minis for Flint and Feather).

As a final note, every base in this miniature set has been magnetized so that they maybe easily transported in a metal toolbox.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Update… If you like this article, be sure to check out our Hotlead 2018 wrap up article

Let’s Go!!! Another Universal Carrier that I customized by adding some figures to the model.


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