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This is the Sci-Fi side of the Conflict in Sepia Mat. It looks pretty nice to me.

Contest Time! Hot Dice Miniatures Mat

Some time ago, I came across a Canadian Company called Hot Dice Miniatures. From time-to-time, I watch their YouTube videos, but something lately caught my eye about them. They developed a series of gaming mats and are now running a contest where you could win one free!!! Details of the contest are at the end of this article.

Update: August 5, 2020 – Please note that Cardboard Dungeon Games now owns the rights to these mats. If you like the designs, check out Cardboard Dungeon Games to order them. 

The Mats

Now, let’s take a quick look at these mats. Hot Dice Miniatures has three double-sided gaming mats available. They are a little more on the Sci-Fi and High-Fantasy side of things than where I usually go, but they certainly look neat. These mats are made out of neoprene, but I cannot talk of their quality because I have not seen them in person.

My main goal with this post is to inform my readers of the current contest while illuminating products by a Canadian Company.

Note: All images in this post are from Hot Dice Miniatures and used with their permission.

Time Nomad

This mat the most generic of the game mats available (in my opinion). The Sci-Fi side could possibly work as an urban area if you cover up some of the more distinct elements, and the Jungle side might be of use across multiple gaming systems.

Time Nomad Gaming Mat by Hot Dice Miniatures
The Sci-Fi side of the Time Nomad Mat. This side looks like the deck of a futuristic ship, but could maybe be used as a city mat if you cover it with enough terrain to hide the distinctly Sci-Fi elements.
Time Nomad Fantasy Gaming Mat by Hot Dice Miniatures
This is the Fantasy Side of the Mat. I can imagine this mat working for pretty much any jungle setting if you cover up that giant skull (and possibly snakes) with some terrain. If you are playing a Fantasy or Sci-Fi game, that giant dinosaur / monster skull is completely at home! Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago would be well suited for this mat. So too would Blood & Plunder and Bolt Action on the Pacific side if you cover up the dinosaur head with some buildings or area terrain.

Conflict in Sepia

The city side of this mat is one of my favourites in this collection. It would make for a great dilapidated town (or slum) in a Post-Apocalyptic (or Sci-Fi) setting. It would also likely work for modern settings, or, with some stretching, a WW2 Setting. The opposite side of the mat is a red planet setting (kind of like the surface of Mars).

Conflict in Sepia Gaming Mat by Hot Dice Miniatures
This is the City side of the “Conflict in Sepia” Mat. It looks pretty nice to me. While it has a Sci-Fi feel, I could envision using it for Modern games and even WW2 games (as a bombed out city).
A Red Mars Gaming Mat by Hot Dice Miniatures
This is the opposite side of the “Conflict in Sepia” mat. It might work for Fantasy, but it would work best for Sci-Fi Games. It looks like the surface of Mars with blood splatters added. In a pinch, I could see a Historical Player using this mat as a desert or a scared Battlefield mat, but there better options out there for that. This one would likely make for an interesting mat to use for Gaslands, Fallout, or Rogue Stars.

Of the mats, I feel this is the one best suited for Sci-Fi players, but my favourite image from the three mats is the dilapidated city.

Hades & Poseiden Mat

If it weren’t for the fact that I already own a great Ocean Mat, the Poseiden Mat is one I would love. It would work well for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago or Blood and Plunder. The Hades side does not fit my current gaming collection, but I am sure that it would work out very well for other people into Age of Sigmar and other games.

Hot Dice Miniatures Ocean Mat.
This is a neat Ocean Mat. There is a giant octopus or squid in there, but I think it would work well for many naval games (especially for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago and Blood & Plunder).
A Lava Gaming Mat by Hot Dice Miniatures
This mat could be of great use for both Fantasy and Sci-Fi gamers. Age of Sigmar anyone?

The Contest

If you like the design of the mats above, you could win one for free by entering a contest. This contest is to celebrate Hot Dice Miniatures‘ first 1000 YouTube subscribers. To enter, you need to find an NPC (Unarmed Civilian) miniature, and follow the directions below. The Contest ends on March 27, 2018.

Original Post on Hot Dice Miniatures.

Hey guess what!

I’ve just hit the 1k subscribers mark on my Youtube channel and as a result I’m holding a painting contest. The contest video is at the bottom of this post, but here are the rules:

Due Date: March 27th
Subject: A 28mm NPC, Villager or Citizen from any setting. The miniature must not have a weapon.
How to submit: Post a picture of the unpainted NPC figure on a piece of paper with the date and “HDM Contest” written on it and a photo of the painted figure to an email ([email protected]) or tweet it at me (@hotdiceminis). In the message you must include the NPC’s name, what is their occupation, what game they are meant for and what part of that game’s world they are from!

I will make a video showing off all of the submissions.

The prize is your choice of any one of my very own neoprene double-sided wargaming mats shipped straight to your front door (worldwide free shipping). They can be viewed at: HotDiceMiniatures Website

Original Post on Hot Dice Miniatures.


Hopefully you enjoyed this quick post. Remember, if you want a shot at winning one of these mats for free, you have to enter the contest. The contest ends on March 27th.

These mats are also available for purchase and cost $120 Canadian each. As a bonus to my Canadian Readers, these mats are from Canada, so you don’t have to worry about Customs, exchange rates, or overly high shipping rates.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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