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A closer look at the miniature. Andrew did a really fantastic job!

Blood & Plunder Photo Contest

This post is to inform you of a contest happening on another website. The people at Blood and Pigment, a blog focusing exclusively on Blood and Plunder by Firelock Games,…

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This is the Sci-Fi side of the Conflict in Sepia Mat. It looks pretty nice to me.

Contest Time! Hot Dice Miniatures Mat

Some time ago, I came across a Canadian Company called Hot Dice Miniatures. From time-to-time, I watch their YouTube videos, but something lately caught my eye about them. They developed…

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While not specifically armed, this truck looks good to go out of the box for me. It has a ramming guard on the front, looks menacing and the crew can be armed with hand guns and grenades.

Gaslands’ War Rig Competition

Recently, Mike Hutchinson (the author of Gaslands) made a post to Facebook about an expansion he is working on and with a notice about a model building competition. The Model…

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