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WW2 Painting Competition!!!!

Today, Must Contain Minis wants to bring to its readers’ attention being ran by Osprey Publishing. Pretty much anyone into WW2 modelling or gaming will likely be interested in this one. All you have to do is take a picture of a WW2 model or figure that you have painted and tell Osprey which book (and artwork) inspired you to paint it that way. Submit the photo to Osprey and they will select their favourite to win.

Below is Osprey’s post from Facebook about the contest.

Over the years we’ve heard how much our books and their artwork inspire you to create and paint models and figures, so this month we’d like to invite you to submit a photograph of your best work to our judging panel at Osprey to be in with a chance of winning a selection of new books.


The theme for the month is World War II, so from now until the 31st December select a photo of a model/figure that you have painted that fits the theme, tell us which Osprey book/artwork inspired it, and send it to Our favourite submission will receive a selection of new releases, pictured below, and will also have their photograph featured across our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for the world to admire.


Get snapping, and good luck!

Image taken from Osprey Publishing’s Facebook Page.
This should be an easy contest for many of my readers to enter because I am pretty sure that most of us own some Flames of War or Bolt Action figures and models sitting around somewhere. Of course, hobby model kits would also work well for this contest.
Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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