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Cardboard Dungeon Games Contest

This post is quick news piece to inform you of a contest going on at Cardboard Dungeon Games. Okay, this contest is actually more of a charity draw. If you buy a raffle ticket, you could win one of the prizes in the picture above. There are more prizes than what is pictured above and more will be added as the number of tickets sold increases. If you win the Cardboard Dungeon Games Contest, they take care of the shipping. Now, let’s take a closer look at the contest.

As a note, this raffle is open to both Canada and America.

Current Prizes

For the first 50 tickets, of what Cardboard Dungeon Games calls their Dungeon Dive Raffle, you could win the following.

One of the Grand Prizes from Cardboard Dungeon Games Contest - Charity Raffle for July 2020
Their 6′ by 4′ double sided neoprene Wasteland battle mat is one of the top prize of the first batch of prizes. Cardboard Dungeon Games has a number of mats that they have the rights to produce.
A cool building by TTCombat. One of the prizes in Cardboard Dungeon Games Contest - Charity Raffle for July 2020
An MDF apartment building by TTCombat.
8 of these miniatures is a potential prize from Cardboard Dungeon Games Contest - Charity Raffle
Eight 28mm Caveman Miniatures. These are cast by Cardboard Dungeon Games.

Other prizes include a set of 5 Coat d’arms Metallic paints and a $25 gift card.

As they sell more tickets, they plan to unlock more prize pools. The next level includes two more gaming mats, some basing martial, another MDF kit by TTCombat and another $25 gift card.

Proceeds go to Charity

Tickets are $10 CAD each and the idea is that for roughly every 10 tickets sold, there will be a prize. That means that each of the tickets will have a 10% or greater chance of winning. Speaking of winning, half of the proceeds will be donated to Food4Kids Hamilton.

This means that you can have a chance at a prize and feel good that you are helping feed children in need of help.

Raffle Rules and Regulations

Rather than going through all of the rules and regulations I am going to highlight some of the important ones. Of course, make sure that you read and understand the rules on Cardboard Dungeon Games before entering the contest.

  • Minimum chance of winning is 10%
  • Last day to buy is midnight on July 31st (2020, Eastern Daylight Time)
  • The draw happens August 1st (2020)
  • All prizes have a value of greater than $10

Wrapping it up…

This article is to draw your attention to Cardboard Dungeon Games Contest – a charity raffle for Food4Kids Hamilton. While Cardboard Dungeon Games will pay for the shipping if you win a prize, they do have excellent flat shipping rates. I have used them myself.

If this is something you want to get in on, be sure you do before July 31st. For more on Cardboard Dungeon Games, check out our section about them.

Finally, a reminder that this contest is open to people living in Canada and the United States of America.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!