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Should I Get into the New 40K – Indomitus

Okay, this question is more for myself than for you, but you can certainly follow along. Every time that Games Workshop releases a new starter box, I find myself looking back at them and thinking, “should I be playing over there too?” Let’s face it. They have great looking miniatures and there is good value in their starter boxes. Their new boxed set for Warhammer 40,000 called Indomitus also brings my eye back again to their rules.

As a note, all of the images in this post are from the Warhammer Community Website.

The Box Art of the new 40K starter set for Warhammer
The new Warhammer 40,000 Launch box. Wow! Look at that art work! Image from the Warhammer Community Website.

What’s in the box…

Many websites have been showcasing what is in this launch box. The Warhammer Community Page has also shared a number of images that I figured I would also share here. Currently, I don’t have this boxed set, but this release has me looking at Games Workshop again.

The models of Indomitus
A look at all the models in the Indomitus Launch Box for the New 40K. There are a lot in there and they look great. Image from the Warhammer Community Website.

On top of all those models, the box also comes with a huge hardcover rule book. Nice!

Is the New 40K Something I should get Into?

Before getting into whether I should buy into the new 40K, let’s discuss you.

If you like either Necrons or Space Marines, there is a good deal here to be had. To my knowledge, these are all new miniatures and there is a full-sized hardcover rule book in the box. That is impressive. GW has even been so kind as to post up their core rules out for free for the new 40K.

If neither army interests you, or you would rather stay away from 40K, then this is likely a purchase that you will want to skip. Otherwise, certainly consider it.

I have heard that it will retail for around $240 Canadian and contain perhaps more than $600 worth of stuff. Wow!

How about for me?

Now for myself.

One of the things previewed for the game that I like is Patrol missions. These are smaller points battle on the tabletop. In the old versions of 40K, I always found that there were huge blocks of troops and not a lot of terrain. I often prefer things the other way around. I like games where you have room to maneuver around the table.

For this new edition, Games Workshop streamlined the rules. The rule book has red bullet points for quick references. Other systems have done that in the past, and I always found this approach very effective. Another interesting thing to note is that their game table minimum sizes have changed. 6′ by 4′ is no longer the standard. There are now multiple recommended table sizes for various points levels of games. I am interested to see how this shakes things up for Games Workshop and other gaming companies in general.

Some of the models in the new starter set I like, some I don’t. I like the look of the new Primaris miniatures that seem to be replacing the old Space Marines.

The Indomitus boxed set looks like it is chopped full of content. I believe it will be outside of my normally budgeted hobby dollars. But you never know.

I heard that this new Launch box will be a limited edition. That makes me wonder what to expect from Games Workshop after this launch box sells out.

Should I Cover the New 40K on Must Contain Minis?

Must Contain Minis focuses on games of all sorts. Our primary focus remains on Indie and Historical Miniatures games, but I have been ignoring the most popular player in our hobby – Games Workshop. This means that there is a large segment of the audience that Must Contain Minis misses. Covering 40K, even a little bit, might be a way to bring some of that audience into the site.

Of course, it is my hope that when they come here, that they would check out my other articles too. The goal of Must Contain Minis continues to be to attract more eyes to our hobby in general, and especially to parts of the hobby that might seem Indie, Historical or Obscure. There is so much on Must Contain Minis to check out. There are stories about other systems, terrain, and so much more.

My interest is in trying to figure out how to attract the largest audience possible to check out the smaller companies that we cover. Covering 40K, or more GW might be a way to do that. Clearly, I have some thinking to do.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the models from the Indomitus boxed set that I think look especially good.

Some of the Models I like from Indomitus

A Primaris Lieutenant from Indomitus
A cool looking Primaris Lieutenant. Image from the Warhammer Community Website.
A Necron Lord
I never considered collecting Necrons before, but I really like this model. Image from the Warhammer Community Website.
Some Necron Models from the new 40K launch box Indomitus
Likewise, these models are really cool looking too! Image from the Warhammer Community Website.

The Hype Train

For the last few days, It has been hard to avoid seeing and hearing about this new Launch Box coming from GW for the New 40K. My YouTube, Facebook and Tweeter feeds have been chopped full of Indomitus content. In addition, we are seeing previews for upcoming models.

With all of the coverage, it is hard not to get caught up in it all. That is part of the reason I am looking at it and thinking, “is this something I should get in on?”

Wrapping it up…

Every time Games Workshop comes out with a new starter set, I find myself looking back at their systems and wondering if I should get in on them. The New 40K has me looking back at them again. Their starter sets are always pretty good in value for the contents that you get, but I always get scared off with the cost of their other models. That said, I am looking at the company a little more seriously now.

I am wondering if covering a game a little more mainstream (like 40K) would help draw people to the site. Let’s face it, for the last four years, I have been ignoring a huge part of the market.

What do you think? Would you like to see some 40K or GW content on this site to increase the variety of games on the site?

I would be really interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments section below.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Marco Pecota

    Thanks for the article. I do think you should cover GW product. They create some great miniatures which do deserve attention. Getting into the system, to me, would mostly be about how good the rules are (firstly) and second would be the support you can expect from the company. If they plan on making your pieces obsolete in a few years and thereby forcing you to spend another $200-$500 just to stay current, well, lets say that is less desirable.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks for the feedback Marco. Very much appreciated.

  2. By Brush and Sword

    Here’s an alternative – get the box for the cool new models, and use One Page Rules’ Grimdark Future for gameplay.

    That’s what I’m going to do with those Necrons!

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Cool. I’ve seen links to Grimdark Future lately, but I haven’t investigated it further yet. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Steve

    As someone who just got into Warhammer AoS, 40K AND KillTeam last just last year (feb 2019) — after 20 years of DROOLING over Warhammer since I first saw Battle for Skull Pass back in university — a word of advice: STAY AWAY!

    UNLESS — you are ready to get sucked into the awesomeness that is 40K.

    I’ve always wanted to go back to my uni days and be that person who had AU$300 to shell out. Well, now that I’m a grown-ass man with two pre-teens… what better way to start! I decided I would stick to Age of Sigmar while my kids do 40K and that would be that.


    I love AoS — but man! It is HARD to get past the 40K stuff when your honeymoon with AoS is over! So because I just “had” to help my kids paint their armies — it sucked me in. It sucked me in REAL BAD. Soon I wanted my own 40K armies (plural)! I got a subscription to WhiteDwarf and purchased Codexes and read up a ton on lore for 40K, soon neglecting my poor AoS figures; suspending them in unending stasis within their own sprues in their original packaging — relegating them to the dark confines of two whole IKEA Billy Bookcases.

    And don’t get me started with KillTeam…

    … no. STAY AWAY.

    I highly doubt you will have your player base go from Warhammer to Indie. Take it from someone (me) whose sheer compulsion had them buying the complete World of Warhammer: the Board Game box with both expansions and Blizzcon exclusives — and all but giving up on painting some 300+ minis … because now I’ve got over 300+ more in AoS figures — and a surmounting supply of 40K minis.

    It’s not just me. I happen to follow some pretty prominent YouTubers who started out as generally — tabletop mini war gamers. A year later — nothing gets by without mentioning the latest deal with Warhammer.

    So yeah… STAY AWAY — and yes, I’m trying to pull some reverse psychology BS here if it wasn’t obvious // but the lure — the draw — is real. Granted, with all I’ve spent in terms of painting and hobby supplies — I should write my own book (I’ve written half of it here already). My journey was an exciting one .. and holy hell I have far to go.

    And that’s just 40K !

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hi Steve, Thanks for the warning. 🙂

      I have a box of Start Collecting Space Marines Coming to me in the mail and I plan to get the Recruit Starter set if I see it. Where things go from there, I will have to see.

      I honestly like the miniatures of Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Tau.

      Thanks again for the well thought out comment!

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