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The Kill Team Starter Set comes with two forces, a ton of terrain and rules for the game.

Games Workshop: Wow!!! Doing it right!

Games Workshop is typically a company I don’t write too much about. The reason for this is because of their prices and the fact that there are so many alternatives out there. That said, I constantly keep my eye on them and what they are doing. This weekend I saw a flurry of really interesting news with information about the upcoming Kill Team game, new starter sets for Age of Sigmar, the new Giant Robot game Titanicus, and a new starter for Lord of the Rings.

All of this news I find extremely exciting, and I can’t wait to learn more about their upcoming releases. For now though, below is what I know of each game so far. All of the images in this article are from either Games Workshop’s website or the Warhammer Community Page.

For a company that had been losing market share, they have really figured things out over the past few years and are turning things around. That is a large part of why my eyes still watch them.

Kill Team

Now this is a game that checks a lot of boxes for me. Low model count, skirmish based, and set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Can’t say that I am a fan of the Skitarii, but I love the Genestealer Cult models. The starter box comes with an absolute ton of terrain and each warband expansion box comes with a piece of terrain too.

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Starter Set
The Kill Team Starter Set comes with two forces, a ton of terrain and rules for the game. This one looks pretty cool to me and who knows… maybe it will end up on my table someday.


Orc Starter Set for Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team
The Orcs are my favourite expansion so far. They look pretty cool and check out that machinery that comes with them. So cool!

Of course, GW has previewed a larger number of their factions, but you will have to go to their community page to learn more. I aim to give a taste of what is coming and my opinions on those items. If you are wondering about their prices, the starter should run about $130 (US) and each Team box should go for $60 (US). This information is from Bell of Lost Souls.

Age of Sigmar

Personally, I like the idea of Age of Sigmar, but I I am not a big fan of the aesthetics of the Stormcast Eternal. For those that don’t know, the Stormcast Eternal is the new iconic troop type for humans in Age of Sigmar. Now, let’s take a quick look at the new starter sets.

Age of Sigmar Soul Wars Starter Set
Age of Sigmar’s new large starter box – Soul Wars. Love the ghosts! This product is already out on the market.

Soul Wars looks pretty cool, but for those that want something even more affordable, a smaller starter set will also become available.

GW Storm Strike Age of Sigmar Starter Set
This smaller starter set should run for a much more affordable price than Soul Wars. Small products like this are what tempt me most to go back to GW and give them a try again.

If two starter sets wasn’t enough, it looks like there is even another starter set on the horizon. This gives people three different options on how to get in and try out Age of Sigmar. This move by Games Workshop is one that I really appreciate.

Tempest of Souls Starter Set
The Tempest of Souls Starter Set. I think it is so cool that they have three different levels of starter sets planned for this game. Again, I love the ghosts!

Will I get into Age of Sigmar? Not yet. I tried Shadespire and liked it (Battle Report to come), and I would be open to trying Age of Sigmar, but I don’t think I will personally buy the game. The reason, simply because I prefer the older aesthetics of Warhammer 8th Edition. If Games Workshop ever brings back some of the more “realistic” looking miniatures from the past (like the Empire), then maybe.

Regardless, these starter sets look cool!


A year or two ago, I read through the book Titanicus. It was interesting, and years ago I wanted to get in on Warhammer 40,000: Epic. I am wondering if this game would scratch that itch.

Titanicus Starter Set
Titanicus. Check out that art work. Love it!

This one has Giant Stompy Robots, destroyed buildings and runs on a smaller scale. I am really interested in seeing what comes of this game!

Lord of the Rings

I will not lie, I thought GW was withdrawing support for this game. I haven’t seen many releases for it lately and I was never a fan of The Hobbit: Escape from Goblin Town starter set. That said, I wished I had bought the Mines of Moria starter and I like the models of the game.

When I saw The Lord of the Rings: Battle of Pelennor Fields Starter Set, I was shocked. I hope this one does well and I might get it myself.

Lord of the Rings Starter set by GW
Here is something I did not expect. A new Lord of the Rings Starter Set. This one certainly has my interest.

As you may know from my previous posts, Lord of the Rings is a game that keeps capturing my eye due to the beautiful miniatures and awesome gaming tables that I see at my local conventions.

I am not entirely sure of what is in this new starter set, but the image below was shown on the Warhammer Community Page. It isn’t crisp, but it is exciting.

Lord of the Rings Starter Set Picture
The miniatures in the starter set. Looks cool to me!


A close up of a couple of the minis in the starter set.

So far, this box looks promising and it certainly is tempting. Time will tell if it is enough to draw me back to GW. I know a number of local players have also been trying to move me over The Hobbit.  🙂

Wrapping it up…

Games Workshop certainly has been doing things right lately. Last year I was excited about Shadow War Armageddon and Necromunda. This year, it is The Lord of the Rings: Battle of Pelennor Fields, Titanicus, and Kill Team that have captured my eyes. Will it be enough to bring me over? Time will tell.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Byteknight

    I too have mixed feelings about GW.. nice models, but way too expensive. There is also something off putting about the Stormcast eternals.. too over-the-top perhaps..

    Still, Kill Team and the new LOTR starter box look tempting..

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hey Byteknight. Thanks for the comment. I hear you on the price of GW products and the look of Stormcast Eternals.

      LOTR and Kill Team are certainly tempting. I think I may get the Lord of the Rings Starter, but time will tell. I could get in on a couple of other games for the price of a few boxes of their units. That said, the starter boxes tend to be a good deal (as far as Games Workshop prices go) and I might be able to use the models in multiple games.

    2. Andrés F.

      Agreed about GW’s prices and Stormcast. Still, even outside Kill Team they are doing something right: almost all of the models for the Shadespire warbands are amazing.

      Kill Team seems potentially interesting but already it’s starting to sound too much like 40K “lite”, which is a bad thing. Unless it turns out to be something brand new and amazing, I’ll stick to simpler and more fun stuff, like Ganesha Game’s Mutants and Death Ray Guns… which can be played with GW models! 😀

      1. Jacob Stauttener

        Thanks for joining the conversation Andres.

        Ganesha Games is a good company. I like their Song of Blades and Heroes line and have a couple of the books Osprey Published by the same author. As you stated, best of all, you can use whatever miniatures you want – even GW models. I haven’t tried Mutants and Death Rays yet though. 🙂

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