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Week of the Law!!!

This week, my articles will focus on the miniatures that I own related to law-enforcement. One article will focus on my SWAT (or SRU [Special Response Unit]) miniatures by RAFM and another will focus on my Rookie (or Beat) Cops by Armorcast Tactical Miniatures. I have written about these figures before in my “Back into Miniatures” article but this new series of articles will take an even closer look at the miniatures and can be considered as both a showcase and review of the minis.

This series is in build up to the Fistful of Kung Fu game that I plan to host at Broadsword 2 in Hamilton, Ontario on Saturday, August 20. While I am using the figures for A Fistful of Kung Fu, they can be used in any game that allows proxy or generic figures.

Today, meet my “Judge.” This figure I kit-bashed out of an Imperial Guardsman sprue to resemble a Judge Dredd type of character. I completed this figure a number of years ago, so he is not up to my standards today, but he is still quite usable.

He carries a stun rod, customized riot shield and a shotgun on his back.
The shield was mad using a grenade hand and gluing on a small piece of plastic card.
The stun rod is a chain-sword with the blade cut down to a smooth and flat edge. I painted it a mix of blue and silver to show it is a metallic object with energy flowing through.
The shotgun on his back is a cut down lasrifle and I freehanded the word Judge and his emblem on the shield.

I have used this figure before in A Fistful of Kung Fu as the leader of my Law Forces. Stay tuned for later this week – when I will post some reviews about my Law Enforcement Agents by RAFM and Armorcast Tactical Miniatures.

Week of the Law!!!

Part 1: Introduction and Judge Dredd
Part 2: RAFM S.W.A.T. Team Review and Showcase
Part 3: Armorcast Tactical Miniatures Rookie Cops Review and Showcase
Bonus: Civilians by RAFM and Reaper: A mini-Showcase and Review

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