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Merry Christmas – 2018

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Today I want to quickly wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season. I personally don’t get much time off work, but I am enjoying the time that I have.

We are now cooking up our second turkey dinner of the week and I am really looking forward to mixing some cranberry sauce with potatoes, turkey, and gravy.

Christmas is also a time of giving and receiving. We gave out gifts to the people on our list, and I am sure they are happy with their presents. I too am pretty happy with my gifts and want to share some of my excitement for those items.

Gifts Received

Some of you may have seen my Holiday Wishlist. In that post I asked for a number of things. I am happy to say that I received two of the five items.

The first thing given to me was [amazon_textlink asin=’1472826957′ text=’Wildlands’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mustcontainmi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’3de7e90d-07be-11e9-82d0-717026ea02e2′] sent by Osprey Games. This game is really cool and I have a few posts about it up on this site. Thank you Osprey Games for sending me this item! The minis in the game are really nice and the packaging is great too. I still have to get the game to the table to see how it plays.

The second item that I received, I bought for myself through DriveThruRPG. That product is Rangers of Shadow Deep in both the PDF and Printed versions. I was able to buy this book thanks to the readers of Must Contain Minis. That’s right, I bought this gift for myself with my profits from affiliate sales on DriveThruRPG through MCM. For those that purchased from there through this site, thank you so much for your support! I really do appreciate the help.

A Gift From My Wife

My third gaming related present wasn’t expected, but was likely my best gift for the year! My wife and I reorganized our office and created an area for me to paint miniatures. In our old house, I painted my minis in an unfinished basement. In our new house, we will be finishing the basement and that was where I planned to paint minis.

Painting at a dedicated station is such a nice treat. The plan for the finished space was to use my gaming table for painting, pictures and gaming. Now I have my own dedicated space for painting and will soon have a space specifically for gaming. How cool is that!?

Also, moving the painting area up to the office accelerates the time line for me to get back into painting. I have not painted a mini since June due to losing my space and having to pack up all my miniatures (this is because I moved to a new house from my old one). It likely would have been April or May before I would paint again if I followed my planned schedule for the basement. Now, I can start painting whenever!

A huge thank you goes out to Mrs. Must Contain Minis on this gift! She has some great ideas for sure.  🙂

How About You?

How about you? Did you get to spend the time you wanted with the people important to you? Also, did you get any fantastic gifts that you would like to share. I saw on Facebook that one person got the [amazon_textlink asin=’B00FOQ0K0U’ text=’Pegasus Bridge Starter for Bolt Action’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mustcontainmi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’40771869-080b-11e9-8af9-1f0e34d2a769′]. How cool of a gift is that!?

Wrapping it up…

Again, I would like to wish all of my readers a Happy Holiday Season. I hope that you have a wonderful time with friends and family (or even just on your own for my introverted friends out there).

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

[amazon_link asins=’1472826957,B01LYTW70N,1472805046,1472896157,1472817346,1472824016,B01CUPZB74,B01A6RL8P2,B00N28818A,B07GLSNVC6′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’mustcontainmi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c8727f94-080b-11e9-9ef4-c5ef8647227a’]

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