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Flames of War Collection

In this post, I take a quick look itemizing my Flames of War collection. Now, in straight up honesty, Flames of War is a game that I loved, but have not played in a very long time. I never made the jump to Fourth Edition. As such, I figured that I do a quick post showcasing the three armies that I collected.

Now, I have already sold off a large portion of my unpainted minis. You can check out some great pictures of those minis on my “Flames of War Army for Sale – Canadian/British Rifle Company” post.

If you want to check out my Flames of War posts, Must Contain Minis has an entire section of the site dedicated to the game.

Now, let’s take a look at what I have in my miniature drawers.

German Infantry

I always liked Infantry better than tanks when it comes to my WW2 games. Because of this, I collected a large number of infantry and big guns. Below is my drawer of Heer Infantry.

Flames of War Collection - German Heer Grenadier Army
A drawer full of Heer Grenadiers and large Guns.

In this collection, I have the following…

German Heer Armour and Guns

My German armour started as support for my Heer Soldiers, but grew into two armies. My favourite list for them was from the book Desperate Measures.

Drawer of Heer StuGs and Jadgpanthers. Flames of War Collection.
A drawer full of Heer vehicles and troops.

In this collection, I have the following…

  • Jagdpanthers (4 tanks)
  • Wirbelwinds (4 tanks)
  • StuGs (4 tanks)
  • MMG Teams (8 stands plus Command)
  • Heer Infantry scout platoon
  • Tiger (1 tank)
  • Trucks (12 vehicles)
  • Horse Transports (5 horse and limbers)
  • Pioneer Horse Cart
  • Heer Command Teams and extra panzerscreck teams.
  • Heer Snipers

Allied Drawer

On top of the two drawers of Germans in my collection, I also have a drawer of allied units. These are mostly British units, but there are Americans in the mix too. I planned to paint these first, but I painted them last because there were no British paints available when I bought the units.

Flames of War Collection - Allies
My British and Allies drawer.

In this collection, I have the following…

Terrain, Objective Markers, and Bits

In addition to armies, I had entrenchments for my 88 guns, some objective markers and some terrain. These final images finish up what is in my collection.

objective markers
The top drawer of my collection contains some objective markers, gun encampments, a third party plane and some scenic haystacks by 6 Squared Studios.
15mm V1 Rocket by Battlefront.
The classic 15mm V1-Rocket for Flames of War.
15mm Flames of War bits organization.
Finally, my 15mm bits box.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick article showcasing my Flames of War Collection. I had a lot of fun gaming World War 2 in 15mm with this collection.

It doesn’t get used much anymore, but someday it might hit the table again, be it my table, or someone else’s.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!