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Made in Canada Miniatures and Games

It took a lot of work, but I am absolutely thrilled about the newest resource page on MCM. Today I unveil my Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies Page. This new resource page is the place to go if you want to find miniatures, or miniatures related products, made in Canada.

This post, and the above page are intended for a Canadian audience. That said, people of all countries are welcome, but I am writing the article from the perspective of a Canadian about Canadian businesses.

For the actual list of companies making “made in Canada” miniatures products, check out the resource page. That page also provides information how to get more companies on the list. I intend to make it a living document with changes and updates as necessary.

For more on my thoughts of why I want to support small (and Canadian businesses) keep reading.

Why I Made the Page

I noticed a few times in the past that there is no centralized resource to find miniature gaming companies that make their products here in Canada. Board Game Geek has a page that comes up in the search engines, but it is horribly out of date and does not contain the focus that I would like to see on this type of resource page.

When COVID-19 hit, I talked to a few companies to see how the virus affected their businesses. Without the conventions, many of the small guys lost revenue that they otherwise anticipated on making. After placing an order with one of those Canadian companies on the list, I decided that I would do something to help.

It has always been my belief that in a capitalist system, you “vote” for what you like with your dollars. If the company does not reach enough “votes”, there is always a chance that the company will stop making their products. Personally, I like that there are alternative products on the market. I especially like that many of these products are made right here in Canada.

While I don’t have as many dollars as I would like to spend on these businesses, I do have something else that I can lend – my voice. I want to see these Canadian companies stick around.

It is my belief that in advocating for these companies, that I cast my vote for them in a different way.

My hope is that this new resource page will become your go to site for finding companies making miniatures products in Canada!

Motivation for the Page

My motivation for the Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies Page is simple. I want to see these companies remain in business.

Why do I focus on smaller businesses on Must Contain Minis?

  • Wargaming should be about more than just the big companies
  • People don’t know about the smaller companies – to get word out
  • Smaller companies make great products too
  • Small companies can have competitive pricing
  • I like interacting with small businesses
  • Their products are great

Why buy Made in Canada products?

  • To support Canadian companies
  • No customs fees
  • Generally cheaper delivery
  • Often priced in Canadian Dollars
  • Many are competitively priced
  • More timely delivery in a COVID-19 world
  • Your dollars stay in Canada

If you know of other good reasons to buy Canadian, please share in the comments section below and I can add your ideas to the list too.

Finding the Page

Finding the Canadian Miniatures Games Page is very easy from this post. The link is literally all over this post. When you come for other posts though, the page is still easy to find. I added a button for it on the top menu of the site and a text link at the very bottom of every page.

Resource Page Link to Made in Canada Miniatures and Games - MDF Terrain, Miniatures, Rules, 3D printer files, Models, etc.
Just click on the new menu item, “Canadian Companies,” to get to the Canadian Miniatures Gaming page from any where on Must Contain Minis.

My plan is to keep this page as a living resource with continual updates.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this announcement post for a new Made in Canada Miniatures and Miniatures Games resource page. At this time, there are no other resource out there like this one. If you are looking for Canadian Miniatures companies of making products right here at home, remember to come to Must Contain Minis. We have that list.

We also host the Ontario Miniatures Gaming Convention Page too. Unfortunately for 2020, COVID-19 has forced most of those events to cancel or postpone. These two resource pages are part of my effort to promote gaming to my local areas.

I am also going to take the time to give shout outs to my two favourite Friendly Local Gaming Stores. Forbes Hobbies in Cambridge, Ontario and Phoenix Games in Kitchener. Unfortunately, both are currently closed due to the virus.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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      Thank you for the comment Stan! Happy that you like the resource!

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