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Flames of War Showcase 7.5cm leIG18 Guns for the Germans

Showcase: 7.5cm leIG18 Guns for Flames of War

This post is a quick showcase of my German 7.5cm leIG18 Infantry Guns for Flames of War. I have not yet played these in the 4th edition, but, in 3rd, I loved these guns.

If you have used them in 4th edition, please let me know how they worked out in the comments below.

A small platoon of two 7.5cm leIG18 Guns.
A small platoon of two 7.5cm leIG18 Guns.

Generally, I would take these to fill the spare points in my list and they worked well as close-ranged anti-tank guns and as substitute mortars.

German Artillery Commander
The Platoon Commander. I just love how nicely the details show in 15mm miniatures using just a quick base coat and a wash.

What artillery team is complete without a spotter?

German Spotter team for Flames of War
The Spotter Team

And of course, you need the guns too!!!

German 7.5cm leIG18 Gun
A German 7.5cm leIG18 Gun ready to shoot an allied tank.
The Infantry Gun Platoon
The full platoon waiting to ambush some unfortunate Allies.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed this quick Flames of War Showcase. For those wondering, these miniatures are made by Battlefront and are pictured on a Cigar Box Battle Mat.

German 7.5cm leIG18 Guns
We hope that you enjoyed this Flames of War Showcase for the 7.5cm leIG18 German Guns.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


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