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A group shot of the monsters.

Showcase: Blood Rage Miniatures (Monsters)

In this post, we take a look at the monster miniatures from the board game Blood Rage by CMON (as painted by Ullr’s Table). Robert Morris, of Ullr’s Table, supplied Must Contain Minis with all of the photos in this post and the pictures are slightly edited by me (Jacob Stauttener of Must Contain Minis).

Fire Giant from Blood Rage by CMON
Check out this awesome Fire Giant!!! Blood Rage has some really great looking minis.

I never played Blood Rage, but the minis certainly look great. Many reviewers on the web speak highly of the game, and Rob’s client should be pretty happy when he gets the Board Game back with fully painted miniatures.

This is a painted Troll Miniature from Blood Rage
A Troll Miniature from Blood Rage.
Blood Rage Mountain Giant
The Mountain Giant is not even completed and already looks great!!!

The Finished Blood Rage Monsters

Ullr’s Table did a pretty good job of painting these miniatures. It certainly would be nice to play Blood Rage with a fully completed set of minis like what Rob’s client has here. Below are pictures of the above miniatures once completed. They look pretty good to me.

Blood Rage Fire Giant Miniature - Painted
This is the Fire Giant that we started the article with all finished.
Fire Giant from Blood Rage
The back side of the Fire Giant. Nice lighting effects off of the sword Rob.
Blood Rage Mountain Giant Miniature
The Mountain Giant from above. I like this guy. He looks very cool to me. I believe this miniature is one of the Kickstarter exclusives.
Blood Rage Troll - Painted Miniature
The Troll completed.
Troll Miniature
The miniature from the back.

Of course, Blood Rage has plenty of more miniatures than just the three pictured above. Below, are the other pictures sent along by Rob.

Blood Rage Monster Miniatures
A quick group shot of the monsters.

The Wolf has got to be my favourite. The face is a little out of focus in the picture below, but check out the lighting effect of the glowing rune. I just love it!

Painted Blood Rage Wolf Miniature
The Blood Rage Wolf. I believe this miniature was also a Kickstarter exclusive. I really like the model though.
Blood Rage Wolf from the side.
In this photo, you can better see the glowing effect that I spoke of earlier. Love it!

The Frost Giant is also pretty cool. Bet he would double very nicely as a Frostgrave miniature too.

Frost Giant
The Frost Giant

The Troll Mystic is also part of the collection that Rob painted. Check out this great picture of the details on the back of this miniature.

Mystic Troll Miniature
The back of the Mystic Troll miniature from Blood Rage. I really like the details on this figure. I believe this one was one of the Kickstarter exclusives.

To end the article, I would like to share a picture of the Serpent. This is a cool figure and I like the transition of the blues along the tentacles. I will be attempting some work like that once my air brush comes in from Christmas.

Sea Serpent Miniature
The Sea Serpent.

There are some really nice looking miniatures in the Blood Rage board game, and I bet many of them would cross over nicely into Frostgrave for people that wish to play both games. I would like to thank Rob Morris of Ullr’s Table again for sending these pictures my way.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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