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More Aliens Come to the Fight – Miniatures Showcase

Today’s post finishes up a series of articles about a set of Grey Aliens by Warcradle Studios. These miniatures are for Wild West Exodus, but, really, you could use them for any game. If you are interested in getting your hands on these minis, check out Wayland Games [Affiliate]. They happen to own the company that makes Wild West Exodus.

In this post, you will see a series of pictures of these completed miniatures. Dave Lamers painted them, and I rebased them and photographed the minis too.

rebasing miniatures with static grass.
I acquired these minis used

Now, On to the pictures!

Watcher Aliens – The Greys and More…

My Wild West Exodus Grey Miniatures
The whole group of miniatures.
A picture from a previous post
You may remember this image from the post from last week.
An alien miniature missing a limb that I saved with blood effects - The Army Painter
In that post, I talked about how I hid the fact that this alien is missing a leg with Army Painter Blood Effects.
A Grey Alien
But in this post, we are going to focus on some other minis.
Love this miniature. Looks just like my Cerulean Prime, but smaller.
This one is very much like my Cerulean Prime miniature, but smaller.
The Alpha of the group.
Every group needs a leader.
Absolutely awesome grew mini with a rocket launching weapon system.
I really like this mini. So much fun!
An alien sniper
A weapon specialist for long range support.
The Leader of the group
So much fun! This one has to be the squad leader. You can always tell who is in charge by looking for the person pointing!!!
An absolutely stunning grey alien miniature. Use him for any game including Stargrave and Wild West Exodus
Another nice mini. I really like these alien figures.
A Large Mini from the group.
This one is one of the largest minis in the group. Absolutely dreadful.

Wrapping it up…

Today’s post is a short one just to wrap up my series of articles about the collection of Watcher aliens that I picked up second hand. They are for Wild West Exodus, but they are generic enough that I think you could use it for any Sci-Fi games that allow miniatures by various companies.

Other posts in this series includes…

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!