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Working on Miniatures of Aliens – Wild West Exodus

I love miniatures of aliens. A little while back a friend of mine traded me some minis that he no longer needed in his collection. Miniatures of some Grey Aliens from the Watchers Faction of Wild West Exodus.

Given that I already painted up the Cerulean Clade Posse Set for Wild West Exodus, I jumped at the chance to own these grey aliens.

Miniatures of Aliens - Great for miniature skirmish games of all sorts
This is the collection as it came to me.

These miniatures predate Warcradle Studios owning Wild West Exodus, so I am not sure if these are the exact same as the current sets. That said, they are pretty nice and on the same bases. You can take a look at the current Miniatures for the Watchers over on Wayland Games [Affiliate Link].

My Initial Work on These Miniatures of Aliens

Dave already painted these minis up to a good tabletop standard. I am going to keep them the same. To get them ready for my collection, I have to fix up three of them that were off their bases, change the color of the bases and then add basing materials. Not a bad way at all to add some completed miniatures to my collection.

fixing broken minis
A few of them were broken off of their bases, so I had to glue them back together. Not a hard fix at all.
Fixing broken miniatures - Miniatures of Aliens
I had them up and ready to go in no time.

The next step was to paint all their bases black to match my existing collection.

Painting bases
I painted the bases Matt Black.
Miniatures of Aliens - Wild West Exodus Grey Aliens by Warcradle Studios
Once I painted all of the bases black, I gave the rims a second coat of the paint.

Now, the miniatures are painted up for my collection. The next step is to let them dry and then to coat them in basing materials to finish them off.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick “work in progress” article. Personally, I really like the look of these minis. Although they are specific for Wild West Exodus, there are so many other miniatures games that you could use them for. I am happy to have them in my collection.

If you want to learn more about Wild West Exodus, check out the game’s dedicated website.

Thanks again for reading.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!