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Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors Review

Welcome to my Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors Review. These 28mm hard plastic miniatures come 40 figures to a box at a great price. At their price point, I wasn’t sure how good they would look, so I was very curious. Fortunately Wargames Atlantic sent me a few boxes of their miniatures to investigate.

In this post I am going to give you a close look at the sprues and the miniatures I built. I also have a scale comparison image of the miniatures alongside some popular manufacturers. From these source materials, you can make up your own mind on whether these miniatures are worth their price and if they fit your collection.

Disclaimer: Wargames Atlantic sent Must Contain Minis a package of products for review purposes. A box of 28mm plastic Afghan Warriors miniatures was in that package. While I accept review products, I am in no other way compensated for my posts and reserve the right to give positive and negative reviews.

The Box

As you can see from the title image of this review, the box art is very nice. It shows an enjoyable illustration along with a picture of some completed miniatures. The back of the box is equally as pleasant with some more completed miniatures and some historical knowledge.

Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors Review - Box Art
The back of the Afghan Warriors 28mm miniatures box by Wargames Atlantic.

While the box gives you a good idea of what the miniatures look like when they are built, it does not show you how they look before. Let’s take a close look at those plastic sprues of the Afghan Warriors by Wargames Atlantic.

Afghan Warriors Sprues

Here I share with you several pictures of the plastic frames in the Afghan Warriors miniatures set by Wargames Atlantic.

Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors Review - Sprue
The front of the Sprue. Check out the level of detail on these pieces. Let’s Zoom in a bit.
Plastic Miniatures Frame
The level of detail on these figures really impressed me. Check these frames out!
Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors Review - heads on sprue
The detail is very crisp and of good quality. You can tell just by looking that they will paint up well.
Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors Sprue
And the back of the Sprue.

Now that you have seen the sprues, let’s carry on with this Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors Review.

Constructed Miniatures

To get a feel for the miniatures, I built up five of them. They are super simple to put together and there is more than enough variety here to keep me happy.

Five Afghan Warriors - Wargames Atlantic miniatures Review
The first five Afghan Warrior miniatures that I constructed.
Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warrior Review
Check this guy out. He turned out really well.
Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors Review - Assassin
This guy I did up as a fantasy assassin. He is likely my favourite of the ones I built.
28mm Assassin Miniature
The back of the miniature. I did chop off a bit of his neck to angle his head up to make him look like he was lunging at an enemy. You can see the cutaway piece on my hobby mat there.

Showing off the miniatures unpainted is one thing but how do they look painted up? I gave this box to my friend and painter extraordinaire Dave Lamers along with the five miniatures that I built to see what he could do with them. They turned out very well!

Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors Review - Painted Miniatures
A Work in Progress Picture Dave sent me of the miniatures I gave him. They are looking really good with paint on them.

If you are like me and love miniature of all sorts, you probably wonder how they measure up against other manufacturers and miniatures lines. Well, I have some pictures for you too then.

Scale Comparison of Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors

Now let’s see how the Afghan Warrior figures line up against other manufacturers.

Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors Scale Comparison Image
Left to Right… Frostgrave, Wargames Atlantic, Reaper Miniatures, Wargames Atlantic, Fireforge Games.
Scale Comparison Wargames Atlantic to Bolt Action - Warlord Games vs Wargames Atlantic
Left to Right… Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warrior, Warlord Games Bolt Action.
Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors Review - Scale Comparison of Persians, Afghans and Oathmark Miniatures
Left to Right… Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warrior, Oathmark Light Elf, Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warrior, Wargames Atlantic Persian Infantry, Oathmark Light Elf, Oathmark Light Elf, Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warrior.

Kit Bashing?

So, what kind of Kitbashing opportunities are out there for these miniatures? That is a good question. The bodies are really nice and I think you could take these miniatures right into modern day or post-apocalyptic depending on what you pair them up with. If you have a website where you kit bashed these figures, please leave a link to your site in the comments below to share your work with the greater community.

For my own curiosity I played around with some of the bits that I have laying around. It turns out the Afghans fit in nicely with both Bolt Action and Frostgrave bits.

Kitbashing 28mm plastic Afghan Warriors with Bolt Action.
A Wargames Atlantic Afghan body with some arms from Warlord Games’ Bolt Action. With a little work, I feel these pieces fit together very nicely.
Kitbashing Wargames Atlantic Miniatures with Frostgrave
An Afghan Body with Arms from the North Star Military Figures Cultists for Frostgrave box set. They look great together in my view.

The Review on YouTube…

I also published a video version of this review. If you haven’t checked out the Must Contain Minis YouTube Channel yet, please come on over and hit that subscribe button!

What sets my channel apart from the other Miniature Reviewers on YouTube is that I focus on presenting products using high quality photographs with narration.

A video review of Wargames Atlantic’s 28mm Afghan Warriors.

Wrapping it up…

Overall, I really like these miniatures by Wargames Atlantic. The detail levels on these miniatures is fantastic, the models look great and they are extremely affordable.

They measure up very well with North Star Military Figures Frostgrave miniatures and historical lines like Bolt Action. They would look as natural on the streets of Feldstad as they would serving with the Taliban in a modern setting with a few swaps and additions.

On top of that, there is some good kit bashing opportunities here and they look really nice painted up. Lots of raised details in the clothing means they should paint up fairly well with simple techniques. I am looking forward to seeing what else Dave does with the box of Afghan Warriors that I gave him. Hopefully we can post a few more pictures of those models in a future showcase article.

Special thanks goes out again to Wargames Atlantic for sending me these miniatures and thank you for joining me in this Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors Review.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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