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September 2020 – Must Contain Minis Newsletter

Welcome to Must Contain Minis Newsletter for September 2020.

August has been a fantastic month for Must Contain Minis – Thank you, for being here! I hope you’ve been enjoying the new schedule; I will be doing my best to maintain 5 new posts a week. This means lots of content for you!

I aim to post Sunday to Thursday for 8pm to 9pm at night (Eastern Time – Toronto Time Zone). My goal is to provide repeat visitors a new story each day of the work week (Monday to Friday), so there is something new for you here each morning.

In this Must Contain Minis Newsletter I highlight 7 posts worth another look and discuss ways that I am thinking to continue delivering strong content.

Should I do Even More Stories?

Five stories a week is a lot, but should I do even more? I would really like to, but I am also fairly busy. That said, I think I am going to push for more, so stay tuned for even more posts.

As stated earlier, I am going to stick with one story for each day of the work week. Here and there, I am going to sneak in an extra post for you.

What form those posts will take I am not sure yet. Maybe they will be more about me personally, news about wargaming or more showcase and work in progress posts.

Whatever form they take, they will be right here on Must Contain Minis.

A Publishing Schedule?

For those curious about blogging, I work with a calendar along side of my website. This calendar helps guide me towards which articles to write and what days to post them. This helps make sure that I hit deadlines if I am writing about Kickstarters or sales and it also gives me focus.

Sometimes I think about solidifying my schedule to certain types of posts on certain days of the week. Guerrilla Miniature Games does exactly that and I really like Ash’s work.

That said, I also like the flexibility of my current plan and schedule. For now, I am going to stick with that so make sure you stay tuned to Must Contain Minis for all sorts of stimulating articles. I have so much planned coming your way, and so many reviews of great products that I am excited to write.

I can’t wait to share with you all of my September stories. With that said, I want to bring this newsletter to a close by sharing some articles that are worth a second look.

Highlighted Posts For August

To end this Must Contain Minis Newsletter, I gathered a number of posts that I would like to highlight for you.

Top Two Most Popular Posts

Below are the top two most visited posts in August of 2020.

Highlighted Posts

These are posts from August of 2020 that I feel are well worth a closer look if you haven’t already visited them.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for reading Must Contain Minis Newsletter for September 2020.

I have so many posts planned for you in September and the months to come. We also received many products that I can’t wait to review for you. Make sure that you keep coming back for these exciting stories.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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