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Wargames Atlantic Persian Infantry Review

Welcome to this Wargames Atlantic Persian Infantry Review. In this post, I take a close look at the miniatures that come in Wargames Atlantic’s Persian Infantry Hard Plastic miniatures set. This box comes with 40 multi-part hard plastic miniatures for just $34.95 USD. At that price, can they even be good? Absolutely.

Now, let’s get into it.

Disclaimer: Wargames Atlantic sent Must Contain Minis this box of 28mm plastic Persian Infantry miniatures for review. While I accept review products, I am in no other way compensated for my posts and reserve the right to give positive and negative reviews.

The Box

As you can see from the title image above, 40 multi-part hard plastic miniatures come in this box set. That is a lot of figures!

First Empires Persian Infantry Review of 28mm miniatures by Wargames Atlantic
The back of the Persian Infantry Box.

The back of the box gives you a little more information about the figures and history of Persian Infantry. It also directs you to their website, where you can download flags and standards to print off for your Persian forces.

So what is in the box? There are no bases, but plenty of sprues.

Persian Infantry Sprues

Wargames Atlantic sends you 8 of these sprues. Looking at the sprues, you will notice that one of the figures is sculpted with a bow. This means that your Persian force will have a minimum of 8 archers to a maximum of 24 archers per box of 40 infantry miniatures.

Persian Infantry Review - Wargames Atlantic Sprue
The front of the Persian Infantry sprues.
Persian Infantry Review - Wargames Atlantic Sprue - Back side
The back side of the miniature.

Like the Afghan Warriors that I reviewed earlier, these miniatures are nicely detailed. I will admit though that some of these parts are really small. I was afraid of snapping pieces and breaking parts while I took them off the sprue. Those fears were quelled as I worked with the frame. The pieces flexed just enough to not cause injury to the pieces while I worked around them with my blade and clippers.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the details on some constructed miniatures.

Constructed Miniatures

Just to get a feel for the miniatures, I built five miniatures to start.

Hard Plastic Persian Infantry miniatures
The full group of five miniatures. I made two archers, two spearmen and a swordsman off of this sprue.
A 28mm ancient bowman
The first archer turned out pretty good.
Wargames Atlantic Persian Infantry Review - Affordable and great looking 28mm miniatures
This archer turned out even better! I love the details on that quiver.
Ancient Warrior with Spear and Tower Shield
The tower shield to protect from arrows.
28mm Warrior with a spear and tower shield
These guys deployed alongside the archers to keep them safe.
Wargames Atlantic Persian Infantry Review
Men of status might wear a fur cap of some sort.
28mm plastic historical miniatures
Wargames Atlantic packed some nice details on these figures.
Building Ancient 28mm warriors
And the Swordsman. I mounted his shield like that to show motion while he chops with his sword.
Persian Warrior by Wargames Atlantic
A side view of the same warrior. There are great details on these miniatures.

A Painted Mini

Painted Wargames Atlantic Persian Archer
A Persian Archer painted by Dave Lamers.

No Persian Infantry Review would be complete without a picture for scale comparison. Let’s see how the miniature scales against other lines.

Scale Comparison of Wargames Atlantic Persian Infantry

Oddly enough, the Persian Infantry are not the exact same scale as Wargames Atlantic’s Afghan Warriors. They are close enough, yet slightly off. I think that just means that they use different sculptors for the two sets of models.

Scale Comparison - Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors to Persian infantry
On the left, two Afghan Warriors. On the right, two Persian Infantry miniatures. You can see that the Persians appear slightly larger than the Afghan Warriors.
Persian Infantry Review - Scale Comparison - Wargames Atlantic, Reaper Miniatures, Fireforge Games and Frostgrave.
Left to right… Frostgrave Miniature, Wargames Atlantic Persian Infantry, Reaper Miniatures, Wargames Atlantic Persian Infantry, Fireforge Games Living Dead Peasant.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this Wargames Atlantic Persian Infantry Review. Overall, I really like the miniatures. The proportions are more life like (less heroic scale) than many of the figures that I worked with in the past. These miniatures are clearly aimed at the Historical Wargamer, but Fantasy Players may also find uses for them too.

They fit in well enough with Frostgrave figures and miniatures of other lines in my collection. On top of that, the value factor for these miniatures is through the roof! They are less than $1 each (USD). If you need lots of figures for a generic or fantasy army, this is a very appealing way to go.

Special thanks goes out again to Wargames Atlantic for sending me these miniatures for review.

Oh ya… This review is now up on YouTube too! Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

This review is now also available on YouTube

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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