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American Power Armour by Gaddis Gaming

In this post, I showcase a WW2 American Power Armour miniature that I painted. Gaddis Gaming sent me this miniature to check out along with some of their other figures. If you want to see the review of this figure, and the other 10 they sent me, I have that over here.

Gaddis Gaming was kind enough to send me the miniature in this review for evaluation purposes. That said, I reserve the right for an honest review. If you have products that you would like me to look at on Must Contain Minis, I have a review submissions page. This post also contains some affiliate links to Amazon.

How I Painted the Miniature

Now that I painted the figure, I want to show you how it looks. Paint scheme wise, I went with super simple. Two colours. I painted the mini with Vallejo Olive Drab followed by a shading using GW Agrax Earthshade. After that dried, I followed it up with another round of Olive Drab for highlights and extra definition.

The base I painted with Vallejo Flat Earth and followed it up with some terrain materials to finish the model. To level off the MDF base to the integrated base, I used wood filler.

The end result looks pretty good!

Gaddis Gaming Power Armour Pictures

Here are those images of the mini I painted. Again, I used a super simple colour scheme here. I basically treated it as a tank.

American Power Armour to proxy into Konflikt '47
The shading works well with the highlights.
A cool Weird WW1 Battle Suit by Gaddis Gaming
Simple yet effective.
American Power Armour for Weird War Games
Based on the design of the armour and lack of guns on it, I am guessing you could proxy it as a model for something Steampunk or under the sea.
Alternative American Power Armour for Konflikt 47 and other weird WW1 and WW2 games
Overall, a pretty nice picture.

Shout Outs

For those wondering, I used a brand new gaming mat by Cigar Box Battle as the background for this photo. This is their Blood Moon Mat for Rangers of Shadow Deep. It worked out really well with this figure.

For lighting, I used the same three point lighting method that I used for the World War 2 Train Station Review using the Arch LED Lamp by Game Craft Miniatures. You can check out the review of that lamp here if you are interested. I discuss how it can improve your photography in the article.

Thanks of course also goes out to Gaddis Gaming for sending me this miniature.

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A look at my American Power Armour as well as a look at Gaddis Gaming in General.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this quick showcase piece of a WW2 American Power Armour miniature that I painted.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!