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Recruit Edition Painted Space Marines

Over on YouTube I took the last two posts I did about my Painted Space Marines Miniatures from the Recruit Edition starter set and created a video. If you haven’t given it a watch, take a quick look. It is a fairly short one.

The Video on YouTube

My Showcase article looking at how I painted the Primaris Space Marines in the Recruit Edition Starter Set.

Table of Contents…

  • 0:00​ Introduction
  • 1:11​ Lieutenant
  • 1:54​ Assault Intercessors
  • 2:58​ Painting Discussion
  • 3:58​ Photography Discussion
  • 5:01​ Wrap up

The YouTube Description and Related Links

In this video, we take a look at the Space Marine Miniatures in the Warhammer 40,000 Recruit Edition Starter Set, as painted by me. Join me in this miniature Showcase as I show you my Primaris Assault Intercessors and Lieutenant painted to a tabletop standard.

During the video, I talk about the miniatures and a little bit about taking pictures of miniatures too. For related content, check out my stories on Must Contain Minis and my other YouTube Videos. All related links are below.

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