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Yar, Stuffie Pirates take over Must Contain Minis

Yar, Cap’n Slippery sails in and instructs his Stuffie mates. “Raise the Jolly Roger and take no quarter. Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. If there must be blood, then there must be blood, but we be here to plunder these lands and to take what is ours.”

The Stuffies Disembark

Cap’n Slippery’s swabby mates Pengy and Penguin lead the charge and set up camp first.

Two Stuffies make camp by a fire in this fun winter time play picture.
Pengy and Penguin set up camp.
A Husky named King Fortifies his position using gaming terrain by 6 Squared Studios
Not wanting to be the stuffie left behind, King fortifies his position behind a barrier of tires and steel.
A Plush Turtle toy finds a boat in a frozen lake.
Turtley splashes into the frozen sea and claims herself an abandoned boat.
A TY Stuffed Animal on a Blood and Plunder ship by Firelock Games.
Being a true Pirate Captain, Cap’n Slippery stays with the ship.

Hopefully this take over will not last long. I like talking about miniatures. I never intended to start a Stuffies website. That said, there are still some miniature gaming terrain pieces in this hijacked article, so let’s talk about those items.

Terrain in this Post

Part of the fun of having the Stuffie miniatures taking over the site is we get to see some gaming terrain used in a different way. Here we have some ships (and boats) by Firelock Games, terrain pieces by Six Squared Studios and a gaming mat by Cardboard Dungeon Games all pictured with plush stuffed animals.

It is a unique way to display some of the products that we know and love. Perhaps it might even give you some fun ideas to do with your family. I know I always sneaked my miniatures into Mrs. Must Contain Minis Christmas Villages. This Stuffie band of pirates’ takeover is basically a reversal of my normal operations.

Two stuffie penguins sit around a campfire.
Although Mrs. Must Contain Minis no longer collects a Christmas Village, I saved her trees for my wargaming tables. Here the Penguins moved their camp to a new location in front of a forest. Cap’n Slippery waits in the harbour behind them. Hopefully they will leave soon.

The Day Comes to a Close

Thankfully, the Cap’n slippery and his crew of Stuffies wanted to take over Must Contain Minis only for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Now that the day is almost done, the Captain yells out to his crew.

“Ahoy, Me Hearties!” calls out Cap’n Slippery. “All hands on deck and hear me orders! We find ye treasure we were after and me happy with the plunder. It is time for us to sail home and spend our new found riches!”

Slippery the Stuffie Seal Sails into Must Contain Minis and takes over the website for  International Talk Like a Pirate Day
With that, Cap’n Slippery and his crew of Stuffie Pirates sail away almost as quickly as they arrived. Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Wrapping it up…

I must admit, today’s post is totally out of the ordinary. Never has a band of Stuffies raided Must Contain Minis before. Now that they are gone, we can concentrate on gaming again.

Perhaps of interest to my readers is that the gaming mat I pictured those Stuffies on is on sale for $10 off until September 20 (2020). Firelock Games is also heading to Kickstarter on October 6th to bring us 28mm plastic ships and pirates for their awesome historical game – Blood & Plunder.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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