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Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds Freezes Over Kickstarter

Monster Fight Club takes to Kickstarter with a new project called Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds. This upcoming Kickstarter features new winter gaming mats, frozen pre-painted terrain and potentially more. If you have a miniatures game in a winter setting, this might be for you.

One of the best things about terrain is that you can you can use it across multiple sets of rules. For people like me that dabble in many games, this is just perfect. That said, if you have just one game system that you play terrain still comes in just as handy. Terrain doesn’t care what games you play. It just makes your gaming table look better.

So far we don’t know too much about the Ice Wilds campaign. We know that Monster Fight Club moves to Kickstarter with this project starting on September 22 (2020). The company also shared a few preview images of what we might expect. I share those images here with you.

As a note, all of the images in this post come from the Monster Fight Club Facebook Page.

Now, let’s get into it…

Preview Images

When I first saw that ice table recreation of Hoth above, I couldn’t help but think that Star Wars Legion guys are going to love this terrain. Heck, I think it looks awesome! That said, my immediate thoughts of where to use this terrain with is the brand new edition of Frostgrave.

I am sure that this terrain set will work with many games sized 28mm up to 35mm. I think the guys at Monster Fight Club feel the same way. They pictured their terrain with a number of figures for scale comparison and display purposes.

A Frostgrave set up using terrain by Monster Fight Club's new Kickstarter Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds
This terrain looks stunning and comes out of the box just like that! No painting required!
Age of Sigmar on Ice Wilds Gaming Terrain - Winger Gaming Tabletop by Monster Fight Club
While I think of Frostgrave, other people might think of games more along the lines of Age of Sigmar and other systems. Regardless, the terrain looks great and helps complete the mmersion of the experience.
Ice Wilds Terrain for 28mm to 35mm gaming - Warhammer and Historical Wargaming on a Winter Terrain tabletop
Maybe you prefer a game with square bases. They made preview pictures of that too.
Monster Fight Club Winter Terrain Kickstarter Preview Image
Another Square based game photo with this new wargame terrain.

So far, I love the preview images. This stuff looks amazing.

Monster Fight Club brings a lot of experience to the table in their projects. This is not their first Kickstarter project. They’ve already delivered a project home and sell terrain both online and on the retail market. The owner also used to be heavily involved in Gale Force Nine and their terrain products.

To give me a chance to make up my own mind about the products, Monster Fight Club was kind enough to send me some terrain for review. They sent their previous kickstarter products, but I expect we will see the same level of quality in this Kickstarter. I plan to publish reviews of these products this week and into the weeks to come.

Back to the Kickstarter at hand – Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds brings new terrain to the tabletop. Amongst that scenery, you will find pine trees.

New Pine Trees

Some of the products in the Ice Wilds Kickstarter look like a reskinning of their current lines to fit a winter aesthetic. Nothing wrong with that, but Monster Fight Club also brings new terrain to campaign. Among the new terrain, you will find these pine trees.

Sophie from Monster Fight Club tells us about the new pine trees in under two minutes.

Those trees look really cool and would certainly look appealing on the gaming table.

Wrapping it up…

This post shares just a taste of what Monster Fight Club plans to bring to the Monster Terrain: Ice Wilds Kickstarter on September 22nd (2020). I look forward watching this campaign unfold.

If this is up your alley, make sure you check out the project once the campaign goes live. You can also check out the stories past and future about Monster Fight Club here on Must Contain Minis.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Star Wars Legion Hoth Terrain
A second look at that Hoth table. Wow!

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