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Forgotten Pacts Update

This post is a quick summary of how the Nickstarter is going for Forgotten Pacts. First up, the first Stretch goal has been past and they are heading towards the second goal. Below are new images from the Nickstarter Campaign by North Star Military Figures.

Frostgrave Forgotten Pacts Nickstarter

This is a picture of the Barbarian Apprentice. She the second stretch goal for the campaign.

This Werewolf and severed head token is the first Stretch Goal that has been achieved. This item will be added into any order level 2 or higher.

These tokens come with every level of the campaign. Even if you buy just the book through the Nickstarter, you also get these new objective tokens.

Aside from these stretch goals, North Star has also released images of the new metal figures for the Barbarian Apothecary and Marksman. They also posted a 360-degree picture of their new Pack Mule Model. These models come with funding levels 4 and 5.
North Star Military Firgures
The Barbarian Apothecary.
The Barbarian Marksman.
A 360-degree look at the new Frostgrave Barbarian Pack Mule. This guy looks absolutely fantastic!!!

I bought into this campaign at Level 2 and added the Into the Breeding Pits book to the order as well. For those that act before October 10, there is a 10% discount on the Nickstarter. There are also three prize draws for Campaign backers. The first draw is for people that back the project on or before October 10. I believe the 10% discount and draws are available through both North Star and Brigade Games. For those that haven’t been following the latest Frostgrave Kickstarter, I hope that you enjoy these images. They are all from the Campaign page in North Star’s Online Magazine or North Star’s Facebook Page.

As a note for my Canadian Readers, I found it more affordable to place my order through North Star Military Figures rather than Brigade Games. Feel free to do the math yourself, but once I factored in exchange rate and shipping, I was further ahead buying from the UK and shipping from there rather than from New Jersey. For my American readers, it looks like Brigade Games has pretty good shipping rates for you so you would likely be further ahead ordering the deal from them.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!