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50,000 Pageviews and Counting!!!

What a milestone!!! My page just hit 50,000 views and I am ecstatic. The blog has not even been up for 5-months yet and I have surpassed 50,000. How Fantastic!!! I am so very happy that so many people enjoy my posts. As many of my readers will know, I have written a lot of posts lately but have not painted much of late. The reason for this is that I am still recovering from a minor surgery of sorts. Soon, my hand will be healed enough that I can get back to the paint table.

One item sitting on my table that I really wanted to complete in time for Oktoberfest is this Keg and Barrel set. It is still on the books to be painted, but its completion date is sliding out. These items look great and I plan to showcase them when they are finished.

Scatter Terrain

A Keg by Six Squared Studios.

Scatter Terrain for Wargaming

Barrels by Six Squared Studios.

Still upcoming on this Blog is a Review of Konflikt ’47 and some Battle Reports of both Konflikt ’47 and Frostgrave. Please be sure to subscribe to my Blog and check out my Facebook Page if you are enjoying the content. I also have several items for Bolt Action that I hope to have fully completed by the tournament that I am attending on October 22. Hopefully my hand will heal soon so I can start painting again.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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