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Thoughts on Blood & Plunder Kickstarter (No Peace Beyond the Line)

Blood and Plunder is a Historical Based Pirate game set in the Caribbean during the 17th Century. The game looks gorgeous and it shines through in both Firelock Games’ website and their Kickstarter page for their newest campaign (No Peace Beyond the Line).

Logo from the Blood and Plunder Kickstarter Page. Used with permission from Firelock Games.

Now this is a Kickstarter Campaign that I have been looking forward to for a while. The lowest pledge with miniatures is the Crew Pledge at $75. This pledge comes with one box of 25 models from one of four sets that the pledger can choose, an extra model and the new book. The best value pledge (at a lower price) seems to be the Captain Pledge at $110. This comes with all of the items from the $75 pledge plus a Piragua (a small dug-out sail boat), a deck of cards for the game and a legendary figure miniature.

For me, the Captain Pledge is the way to go, but I have a buddy asking to go in on the Duelling Captain’s Pledge together to save some money. The Duelling Captain’s Pledge comes with two of everything except the new book. That would work for our needs.

The difficult part (once we decide which pledge to give), is deciding which box set of figures to select and whether to upgrade the ships. Below is a scale comparison of the ships. This is from Firelock Games’ Facebook Page.

A scale comparison of the available Blood & Plunder ships. Image taken from Firelock Games’ Facebook Page with permission from Firelock Games.

Originally, I was a little sad that the Piragua is the base ship that comes with this Kickstarter. I was hoping for something the size of a Sloop or Brigantine. After looking at the above image though, I notice it is almost the size of a Sloop. It can actually hold 25 men!

An image of a Piragua from the newest Kickstarter Page. Image used with permission from Firelock Games.

This newest campaign seems aimed towards those that already own Blood & Plunder rather than new comers to the game. The reason that I say this is that none of the pledge levels come with a basic rulebook. The basic rulebook can be added as an add-on though and I would suggest that people check it out to see if it makes sense to order it through the Kickstarter. One could order it now through Firelock Games’ website (or your favourite retailer) to get it today, or one could order it through the Kickstarter for a small discount and save some on shipping and VAT fees.

That said, there are some cool pledge levels here and lots of cool stuff for both the newcomer and veteran. If budget were no issue, I would love to go in with an Admiral Pledge and getting everything. I think this would be a really fun game to take to the local historical club and host some games. Imagine how impressive it would be to field a Fluyt and Galleon on a table to draw people to the game. 🙂

I really like the Fluyt. It is bigger than it looks and clocks in at near the same size as the Frigate – perhaps even a little larger. The Frigate was the largest ship from the last campaign and sports more cannons, but if I get the Dutch, I really want to get the Fluyt with them.

The European Land Forces and the Pirates and Privateers Starter Boxes also interest me. I think in the end, I will be purchasing the Pirates and Privateers Starter Box with a Piragua as my Captain Pledge. I also plan to add-on one Long Boat from the existing line to go with my Sloop and some Canoas.

With the Pledge level above and the French Bundle that I already own, I will have a horde of small boats to take against a larger opponent or two small forces for demo games.

My buddy is looking to get the Dutch or the Native Caribbeans, but will be taking just the smaller Piragua rather than buying a Flyut.

How about you, have you pledged into the newest Blood & Plunder Kickstarter?

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Anonymous

    All the components from the first campaign/base game can be added to the pledge for the expansion. Just scroll down to the end of section «(2) Add-Ons», underneath the ships and legendary commanders, before section «(3) Stretch Goals» begins — it's all there and all you need to do is increase your pledge amount according to the items you wish to acquire.

  2. arteis

    I'm interested. The Dutch, especially, spin my wheels. However, I'm worried if my enthusiasm will still be there if I have to wait till March 2018 for delivery. Some of the guys here already have B&P minis from the first Kickstarter, so I wonder if they'll have moved onto other games by the time I finally get mine next year!

  3. jacobstauttener

    Arteis… I hear your concern about the guys moving on. For me, the challenge is getting guys in and my standard answer for that is get two forces and run demo games. As far as the guys moving on, I think the expansion book will breath new life into the game for anyone that has wondered a bit. 🙂

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