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The BlunderMonkey for Blood & Plunder

Now here is an April Fools joke that I thought went too far.

During the Blood & Plunder Kickstarter Campaign, a vocal group continuously pushed to have a BlunderMonkey (a monkey armed with a blunderbuss). As a final push to the campaign, the guys from Firelock Games promised to deliver the BlunderMonkey.

At first, I did not like that they caved in as this is supposed to be a historical game. They did state, however, that the BlunderMonkey would take the form of a statue. Yesterday, they posted pictures of this statue on Facebook. Check this thing out!!!

I like it!!!

To please the vocal fans, one can see that there is a blunderbuss beside the statue. Image from Firelock Games’ Facebook Page.


The monkey is unarmed and this rendering looks awesome! Image from Firelock Games’ Facebook Page.

I have said it before, and I will stick to it today. Blood & Plunder is one of the prettiest tabletop games that I have ever seen. I love the detail and attention that they put into this model. This miniature comes free to those that backed the latest Blood & Plunder Kickstarter. If you missed the kickstarter, Firelock Games is still taking late pledges. See the text below for more.

This incredibly detailed replica of an actual Mayan Howler Monkey God statue from Copan, Honduras can be used as an objective marker for Blood & Plunder. It is an exclusive miniature from our No Peace Beyond the Line kickstarter that will never again be offered. It is not too late to pledge and take advantage of free exclusives. Just go to for more information. Enjoy! – This Text is from Firelock Games’ Facebook post.

Not bad at all!!! I am actually fairly excited about getting this model.

If you are interested in learning more about Blood & Plunder, you can check out my review – or head on over to the Wargame Vault and buy a PDF copy of the rulebook at a very good price.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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