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Runewars Miniatures Game Scale Comparison (Part 2)

A while ago, Asmodee sent Must Contain Minis a review copy of Runewars by Fantasy Flight Games. In this post, I am going to show my readers a scale comparison of the Daqan (Human) miniatures in the base-set to figures by other companies. This is the second part to my two part series about the scale of Runewars minis. The first part looked at the Waiqar (undead) army.

The Daqan (Human) models in the Runewars Starter Set
The Daqan army from the Runewars starter box.

When I first saw the artwork of Runewars, the first thing that popped in my mind was “I wonder how these minis scale to the biggest miniatures company out there.” Below is the answer to that question.

Scale Comparison Runewars to GW
Here we have a Sig-Marine taking on three Daqan Spearmen.

The Sig-Marine towers over the Daqan soldiers. Are the models compatible for RPGs and other games? Perhaps. Take note, though, that the Marine is “heads-and-shoulders” above the Spearmen. Overtime, we will see how the two brands compete.

After looking at the figures with a Sig-Marine, I wanted to see how the figures scale against Frostgrave miniatures by North Star. Below is that comparison and they fit in quite well. These are 28mm in scale.

Runewars figures size comparison to Frostgrave minis
Here we have the Runewars Daqan Spearmen side-to-side a number of North Star Military Figures’ Frostgrave Barbarians.

While they fit in perfectly with the Frostgrave figures, they are a little shorter than Reaper Miniatures figures. These are genrally 32mm in scale.

Reaper Miniatures to Runewars Scale comparison
Here we have the Daqan Spearmen next two Barbarian figures by Reaper Miniatures.

Below are images of the other units with some comparison figures.

Size Comparison... Reaper to North Star to Runewars
Here we have some Calvary surrounding two Barbarians. The Barbarian on the left is by North Star and the one on the right is by Reaper.
Here we have a Reaper mini on the left, Runewars Kari Wraithstalker in the centre, and a Frostgrave figure on the right.

Kari Wraithstalker is the Daqan Hero in the base-set. As a side note, one of her special abilities is that she allows players to take an Elven unit into their Human Army. That is an interesting way to allow players to experiment with the Elves without having to buy a whole army.

Speaking of heroes, how does the line measure up to another excellent boardgame distributed by Asmodee? The game I am referring to is Conan, and the answer is fairly well.

Above we have a scale comparison between the minis in Runewars and Conan. The Runewars minis are a little shorter, but fit the scale together well enough. I could see RPG and Skirmish game players easily dipping into these figures to create interesting adventures in a variety of games.
Given how well they look together, I could imagine RPG players using these figures together for both the original games as intended and for their own RPG scenarios. I could also imagine some Runewars players thinking of adding Conan minis to their ranks. If that idea struck you, the Conan bases do not fit the Runewars’ movement trays.
The Conan figure on the far right does not fit into the Runewars movement tray.
The final figure in the Daqan army (from the Runewars starter box) is the Rune Golem. He is rather sizable.
Here we have the Golem taking on Conan. Who do you think would win?


In this battle, the Golem taking on a Reaper Miniatures Hill Giant. Who would be the victor here?

Overall, the model quality on these figures is decent. I wish that the Rank-and-File miniatures had more than four poses, but the models in the box are still quite serviceable and look sharp. Most of the miniatures came in two pieces and had to be assembled. As stated earlier, the models are 28mm.

I hope that everyone enjoyed this article. The purpose of this post is two-fold. One, to help people curious about the scale of the Runewars Miniatures and two, to help consumers, like myself, that might buy a game with the intent to play that game and to also re-use the minis for various other games such as Dungeons and Dragons or Frostgrave.

Thanks goes out again to Asmodee for sending Must Contain Minis a copy of the Runewars Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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