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The Terminator Captain – Warhammer 40K

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Today’s post quickly looks at the Terminator Captain from Warhammer 40K. This miniature specifically comes from the current Warhammer 40K starter set, and the Space Marine Combat Patrol set.

The one that I have came from the Levithan 10th Edition Launch box. If you can get your hands on this box still, it is a good deal. Now, let’s take a closer look. I missed mentioning it, but this miniature is made by Games Workshop.

The Sprue

Pictured below is the plastic frame of the Space Marine Terminator Captain from the 40K Starter Set, Space Marine Combat Patrol and Levithan. This miniature goes together fairly easily, and the boxes come with directions to make assembly even easier.

Terminator Captain sprue for Warhammer 40K

Since this figure went together without any issue, let’s go straight to pictures of the completed Model.

The Completed Warhammer 40K Space Marine Terminator Captain

Below is how the model looked once I put it together. The figure is mono pose but looks great.

Terminator Captain for Warhammer 40K
The back of the figure
From the other side
Terminator Captain for Warhammer 40K - Side profile shot
Terminator Captain for Warhammer 40K - Quick Review - Games Workshop

The Terminator Captain in Game – Warhammer 40K

As a character, this miniature is actually fairly powerful. This Captain can be added to a Terminator or Terminator Assault Squad. He can use Rites of Battle, which allows him to use a Strategem for 0CP once per battle round. For the unit that you embed him into, it gets to re-roll charge roles. That’s not bad at all.

As you would expect, this character also has good stats and the standard Deep Strike rule that comes with other Terminators. Of course, I am not going to layout all of the stats here. You can find them in the Space Marine Codex. If you just want to use him in Combat Patrol, head to the Warhammer Community Downloads Page and look for Space Marines – Strike Force Octavius.

Whatever unit you embed this character into, you will want to lead him and his group into melee. Getting to Melee is where the charge re-role comes into effect, and Terminators are good in melee no matter on whether they are regular or assault units.

Wrapping it up…

Today’s post is a quick review and look at the Warhammer 40K Space Marine Terminator Captain. Overall, a very nice miniature that you can get easily in the current Starter Set or Combat Patrol.

If you want to see some more miniatures from the starter set, I have a quick review of the leader of the Tyranid force from the same boxed set. This is the Winged Tyranid Prime. I also wrote up a review of the Tyranid Psychophage, which comes in the same 40K Starter set, and also in the Tyranid Combat Patrol.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!