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More Living Dead Peasants Fireforge Games

In my last post, I reviewed the Living Dead Peasants kit by Fireforge Games. This box comes with 18 Living Dead Zombies (Peasants) along with 18 square bases and 18 round bases. I used the round bases. This post takes the past one a little further looking at the 12 Zombies that I had not yet built and talks a little about the weapon options available on the Sprues. I also go a little into my experience of building the minis. In many ways, this is part two to last week’s review of the Living Dead Peasants by Fireforge Games.

The Living Dead Peasants Horde

While the other model kits for Forgotten World come with 12 models for infantry and 6 for cavalry, this model kit comes with 18 figures. As far as value, this is a nice kit. There are plenty of weapon options and a good number of figures. Buy a few boxes of these figures and you have a very large force of undead rabble.

18 Living Dead Peasants for 28mm gaming
The full group of 18 miniatures is up above. They are nice figures. While I had a choice of square or round bases, I chose round.

Now, let’s take a closer look at those miniatures.

So Many Weapon Choices

In last week’s post, I showed an image of the kit’s sprue. Fireforge Games packed with 15 weapon options and a lantern. That is on all three of the sprues that come in the box. That gives a lot of variability out of just one boxed set. Almost all of the figures can be built with different weapon options because of this.

My initial review of these miniatures looked at six of the figures from this miniature kit. In this section of the post all of the other miniatures not in the initial review. Below are the remainder of the weapon options built.

Living Dead Peasant with a two handed flail
Living Dead Peasant with a two-handed flail. So cool!
28mm Zombie with a Scythe
A scythe always gets the imagination going. It is meant to cut grass and chop crops, but how scary would it be in battle!
Zombie warrior miniature with a gnarly weapon
What a gnarly weapon!
Living Dead Peasant Zombie armed with a two-handed axe
Another mini that I like a lot. These figures have some character.
Living Dead Peasants for Forgotten World Review
That blade looks savage. I would not want to face this Zombie.
Undead Zombie Peasant
I am not sure what that weapon is called, but it looks brutal.
Zombie carrying an axe
A Zombie carrying an axe.
Living Dead Peasants 28mm miniature
This Zombie is coming at you with a hoe! Not too intimidating but they certainly have the numbers.
28mm Fantasy Zombies Review - alternative figures for 9th Age, Sigmar, Frostgrave and other games
I really like this figure. I built this guy to match one from on the box. Looks great!

The figures above plus the six figures in my last Living Dead Peasants post represent all of the weapon options in this boxed set. That leaves me with three miniatures that I had to repeat the weapon options with.

Repeated Weapons

Below are the three minis that I repeated the weapons options on. I did my best to keep them unique.

Forgotten World Living Dead Peasants Review
I decided to make this guy with two weapons. Works well and makes him different from all of the other miniatures.
28mm Zombie Rabble for Fantasy games
This guy looks different from the similarly armed miniature because his arms are in different positions. You can see the similarly armed miniature in part one of this review.
28mm Fantasy Zombie Review - Living Dead Peasants by Fireforge Games - Forgotten World
Another mini I was able to make look different despite the repeated weapon option.

A Note About the Weapon Options

While building the miniatures, I found that the three piece weapons a little more difficult than I expected to build. It just took a little bit of figuring out for me to piece together how they fit. Instruction on which arms go with which weapons would be helpful. My guess is that these weapons had to be built as three parts because of the size of the weapons and details involved.

The weapons that came as three pieces (two arms and a separate weapon with integrated hands) includes…  The scythe, two-handed flail, pitchfork, and hoe.

Wrapping it up…

Again, I would like to thank Fireforge Games for sending me these miniatures for review. They are currently available on their website for pre-orders. The expected shipping date seems to be for October. Overall, these are fairly nice miniatures.

During the Forgotten World Kickstarter, Fireforge Games set a group of Human Rabble which is basically the living version of these characters. Seeing these figures makes me even more excited to see what they do with the “Folk Rabble” miniatures. How about you? What do you think of these miniatures in today’s post?

As a note, you can also now see my review on Fireforge Games’ Living Dead Knights.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


As a reminder, the first Fireforge Games Living Dead Peasants post for the Forgotten World contains scale comparison photos, sprue photos, and images of the first six models I built from the box. This post covers the other twelve miniatures that I built from the model kit. 

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