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Living Dead Knights Review – Fireforge Games

About a Month ago, I took a good look at Fireforge Games Living Dead Peasants. I liked those miniatures a lot and wanted to continue building an undead army. My next build from the miniatures sent to me by Fireforge Games was of their Living Dead Knights. Today’s post is a review of the Living Dead Knights by Fireforge Games.

Viewer discretion is advised. This post features pictures of unpainted miniatures. That said, the pictures will give you a good idea of what to expect if you buy this model kit. 

This article also contains pictures of the Sprues and scale comparison pictures too.

So, what is in the box? Let’s take a closer look at those miniatures in my Living Dead Knights Review.

What Comes in the Box?

As I stated in my last review, Fireforge Games calls their “Undead” faction the “Living Dead.” Their Living Dead Knights are basically mounted Skeleton Warriors. They look pretty good. Take a look at the back of the box to see how they look painted.

Living Dead Knights by Fireforge Games Review
A look at the back of the Living Dead Knights’ box.

The box says that it comes with “6 multi-part hard plastic 28mm figures.” It actually comes with 8. Fireforge Games packed the box with six mounted warriors and two Zombie Dogs on top of that. They also sent more than enough bases to go with the kit. Below is a picture of the models I built with this boxed set.

The miniatures that come in the Living Dead Knights boxed set for Forgotten World by Fireforge Games
With this kit, I built a total of 8 miniatures, not 6.

These miniatures came on two separate sprues. Let’s take a closer look at those sprues.

Living Dead Knights 28mm Miniatures Review
A look at the Undead Horses on the Sprue. You can see the dog at the top of the sprue. You get two of these in the box.
Living Dead Knights Sprue by Fireforge Games for Forgotten World
The Living Dead Knights sprue. Check out all the weapons on there. Lots of options. You could arm them all with spears or hand-weapons if you wish. Choice is good.

Of course, no miniatures would be complete without their bases. Fireforge Games ships both Oval and Rectangle Bases for these miniatures.

Bases for mounted undead knights in Fireforge Games Forgotten World
This box comes with six oval 60mm by 32mm oval bases.
Fireforge Games Bases for mounted knights
It also comes with six 25mm by 50mm square (rectangle) bases.

With my build, I decided to build the unit on the rectangle bases and used two of the oval bases for the zombie dogs that came with the kit.

A Closer Look at the Miniatures

I like the way the miniatures turned out. Take a look for yourself and see what you think.

Undead Zombie Dog
In this picture, we have one of the two Zombie Dogs from this boxed set. If you are into miniature agnostic games, this bonus mini could cross genres and settings to serve in a variety of game settings.
Fireforge Games Forgotten World Undead Review
A Skeleton Drummer.
Living Dead Knights Miniatures Review
I added a sword and shield to the back of this model to keep him armed.
A Living Dead Knight Flag Bearer for Forgotten World - 28mm miniature
A Living Dead Knight Flag Bearer for Forgotten World.
Living Dead Knight Spearman by Fireforge Games - Review
This one has got to be one of my favourite miniatures that I built. I like the pose I made with the spear on this figure.
Undead Knight Review - Fireforge Games
A look at the opposite side of this model.
Living Dead Knight Review - Fireforge Games - Forgotten World
A Living Dead Knight armed with an axe.
Living Dead Knights Review
This mace armed skeleton looks great!
Living Dead Knight
A Living Dead Knight armed with a morning star and shield.
Zombie Horse 28mm review - Forgotten World Miniatures
A close up on the details of the Zombie Horse.

Scale Comparison

When possible, I like to show the scale of the miniatures. There is no exception in this Living Dead Knights Review. The reason I like to do this is first to give a sense of the scale and design of the model, and secondly to aid those that game in multiple systems. If you are into games where you can use whatever minis you want, then these pictures may certainly help you decide whether the miniatures fit your collection.

Now, let’s check out the size of these miniatures.

Scale Comparison of Forgotten World miniatures by fireforge games compared to Games Workshop, DGS Games and Fireforge Historical Heroes.
Going left to right, we have the following brands up above. Living Dead Knight (Fireforge Games – Forgotten World), Fireforge Games Historical Templar Grandmaster, Living Dead Knight, DGS Games Bear Rider, Living Dead Knight, GW Mounted Undead Warrior.

And a small selection of the models from the side…

Living Dead Knights Review
Left to Right… Living Dead Knight (Fireforge Games – Forgotten World), Fireforge Games Historical Templar Grandmaster, Living Dead Knight, GW Mounted Undead Warrior.

Hopefully these images above give you some context for the size of the models. For those wondering, the selection of minis in this scale comparison is based on the minis that I own. Unfortunately, I don’t have a big selection of mounted warriors at this time.

Wrapping it up…

Overall, I like these Living Dead Knights for Forgotten World by Fireforge Games. Special thanks goes out to Fireforge Games for sending me these models for review.

How about you? What do you think of these models?

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Braxen

    thanks, very good review

  2. Dan

    It would be interesting to see if you can cross these with other kits in the range for conversion possibilities. Enjoying the reviews.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks Dan. I think I am going to have to look into that.

  3. euansmith

    Another great review. The scale comparison is really helpful.

    The Living Dead Knight with the banner looks super; like an illustration from a WFRP book or a Victorian Gothic painting.

    That Knight Commander is a great mini too.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      I must admit I really like the minis too. I have to get around to building the other kits and painting them. They are nice models. Thank you for commenting!

  4. Rick

    Do the kits lend themselves to being mixed? Maybe a box of northmen mixed with the living dead version?

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      I will have to look into that Rick. I don’t know yet.

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