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Living Dead Peasants Review – Fireforge Games

Sometime ago, Fireforge Games’ Kickstarter campaign for Forgotten World really caught my eye. Last week, I took a look at one of the miniatures from their Historical lines. In this post, I take a look my first minis from their 28mm fantasy game, Forgotten World. Now, let’s take a closer look in this Living Dead Peasants Review.

For anyone interested, these miniatures are available for pre-order now of Fireforge Games’ Website. Looks like they will ship in October. Special thanks goes out to them for sending me these models to review.

This post features unpainted pictures of the models, the sprues and scale comparison images for those wondering how these line up against other miniatures. As a note, part two of this review is now also up with pictures of the rest of the Zombies not pictured in this post.

What Comes in the Box?

Fireforge Games calls their “Undead” faction the “Living Dead.” I am very tempted to call these miniatures Zombie Townspeople, but will stick with the Fireforge Games’ label of Living Dead Peasants. These models helped draw me to the company when I saw them in their Kickstarter previews. Now, they are up for pre-order for October and I am sure that they will have a retail release too.

Forgotten World Living Dead Peasants Box Art
The back of their box. Some pretty nice artwork there. What do you think of the look of those models? I like them.

So, what comes in the box? Fireforge Games packs 18 Living Dead Miniatures in this boxed set. They come on three identical sprues containing six models each. While the image above shows the models on square bases, they come with both rounds and squares so you can decide how to base them.

Forgotten Worlds Living Dead Image of the Sprue - Fireforge Games
A look at the sprue. The box comes with three of these sprues for you to build your Zombie Army.
28mm Fantasy Peasant Zombies (townsfolk) - Sprue by Fireforge Games
A look at the opposite side of the sprue.

The sprues look pretty good to me and I like working with plastic.

A Small Sampling

After building my first six models, I decided to take a few pictures. Check them out.

Zombie Review 28mm miniature by Fireforge Games
I don’t think Living Dead Peasants have leaders, but if they did, this one might fit the bill.
Living Dead Peasants Review - Fireforge Games
A shambling zombie with a pitch fork.
A cool looking 28mm Fantasy Zombie
This Zombie is ready to march off to war.
Fireforge Games Forgotten World Living Dead Peasant Review
Do you think this one is going to help the necromancer dig up more corpses? My guess is he is just going to use that shovel as a weapon. 🙂  Notice how the jaw on this guy is already smashed open.
A 28mm Female Zombie for medieval / fantasy times
I am liking these models.
Forgotten Worlds Living Dead Peasants Review - 28mm Zombies
Love the weapons on these guys. Sure the pickax is unwieldy, but what a nightmare it would be to face on the battlefield.

Those are the first six figures that I built from this model kit. After which, there were still plenty of parts left on the sprue.

Fireforge Games extra bits left after building their Zombie Peasants
After building the first six models, I had all of these left over bits on the sprue. I plan to use those on my next models. Yes, the kit even comes with a lantern. Maybe the Living Dead can’t see in the dark.  🙂

Scale Comparison Pictures – Living Dead Peasants

Because I play a number of games, I always like to have scale comparison pictures in my reviews. Even if you don’t play multiple games, scale images are nice so you know what you are getting if you buy these miniatures. Now, let’s take a look at how these Living Dead Peasants scale compared to miniatures by other companies.

FIreforge Games Living Dead Peasant Scale Comparison to Frostgrave minaitures
Frostgrave is one of the obvious choices to use these miniatures in. Left to right… Frostgrave Zombie, Fireforge Games Living Dead Peasant, Frostgrave Cultist, Living Dead Peasant.
Scale Comparison of Miniatures - Reaper Miniatures vs Fireforge Games vs North Star Military Figures
Left to Right… Reaper Miniatures Cultist (32mm), Living Dead Peasant, Frostgrave Barbarian (28mm), and Living Dead Peasant.
Scale Comparison DGS Games vs Fireforge Games
Left to right… Fireforge Games, DGS Games (Freeblades), Fireforge Games, DGS Games (Freeblades). I think I am going to use that female thief alongside the Fireforge Games Miniatures sometime in the future.
Fireforge Games Forgotten World Scale Comparison - Song of Ice and Fire vs Fireforge Minis
Another comparison many people seem to want is the size of these miniatures compared to A Song Of Ice and Fire. Here we have just that. Left to right… A Song of Ice and Fire (Edward Stark), a Living Dead Peasant, a Templar Grandmaster, and a Living Dead Peasant. As you can see here, the Song of Ice and Fire Miniature is of both a different scale and artistic direction than the Forgotten world Miniatures. The Templar Grandmaster caught me by surprise. I did not expect him to be that much bigger than the Zombies. I now wonder how the plastic Foot Knight Miniatures by Fireforge Games stack up to these Zombies.

Overall, these miniatures are right up my alley. How about you? How do you like them?

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this Living Dead Peasants Review. The miniatures are pretty nice and of a satisfying level of detail for myself.

I am going to continue building these guys and see if I can get some paint on them too. As a note, part two of this review is now up with pictures of the rest of the Zombies not pictured in this post. You can also now see my review on Fireforge Games’ Living Dead Knights.

Special thanks goes out again to Fireforge Games for sending me these miniatures for review.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Andrés F.

    Nice. I can see a use for these undead for Frostgrave or Rangers of Shadow Deep, if they are adequately priced.

    Puzzling that they use square bases. These days skirmish games tend to use round bases. Does Fireforge make a rank-and-file wargame?

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hey Andrés.

      Fireforge Games released these Miniatures for their upcoming rulesets. I believe they will have both a rank and file and skirmish version of the Forgotten World Game. I found it interesting that they included round bases and square bases for the minis.

      The box can be pre-ordered for 18 Euro (regular price 20 Euro) for the 18 Figures.

      1. Andrés F.

        Ha! I didn’t realize the box included both round and square bases. I looked at the box art instead of at the pictures of the minis you assembled!

        Interesting that Fireforge is planning their own fantasy battles wargame. I think the market is becoming a bit crowded, even excluding heavy-hitters like GW. A bold move, maybe it will pay off.

        1. Jacob Stauttener

          No worries Andres. Yes, the market for fantasy battle games may be getting a little crowded of late. It will be interesting to see what they do with the system.

  2. euansmith

    Thank you very much for the review; especially the scale comparison.

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