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An Introduction to DGS Games / Freeblades

In today’s post, we take a look at a company that caught my eye for some time now. If you follow my Facebook Page, you may very well have notice a number of pictures by DGS Games. For those that don’t know, DGS developed the game Freeblades set in their Faelon gaming world. I don’t know too much about the rules or gaming world, so today’s post will focus in on the miniatures. The goal is to bring awareness to DGS Games’ line of products.

Please note, all of the pictures in this post are from the company’s Facebook page. If you follow the post, you will see some awesome photography at work. 

The Miniatures of DGS Games

DGS Games Freeblades Miniatures
The banner from DGS Games Facebook Page. Freeblades is their game.

What caught my attention about this company is their miniatures. As a breath of fresh air, they portray women fully clothed. No chain-mail bikinis here. You can add this company along side the ranks of Bad Squiddo Games and the Female Frostgrave Soldiers Miniatures by North Star Military Figures as a go to for positive female miniatures.

Female miniatures
A selection of some of the female Freeblades miniatures. There are better pictures of them down below.

Of course, this is just a small sampling of their 32mm line of miniatures. They make male and female miniatures, and currently have about 40 different sculpts for females in their gaming world. For those wondering, these are cast in the United States of America.

Ever since I joined the DGS Games Facebook page, I have been treated to a plethora of eye candy from the company. Whomever their photographer is, they are doing an excellent job. I share these pictures with the permission of the company. 

Now let’s take a closer look at some really cool photos of nicely painted miniatures.

The Black Rose

The Black Rose is one of 12 factions currently available for Freeblades. The minis look really nice!

Freeblades 32mm painted miniatures
Members of the Black Rose Faction search through the ruins for their prize. Pictured above is an outlaw, an enchantress and a Black Rose.
Heavy Crossbow 32mm fantasy miniature
Here we have an outlaw with a crossbow heavy enough to puncture through any knight’s armour. They did a really nice job on the paint job and photography here.
Secret Sister 32mm Miniature - Positive female miniatures
A Secret Sister. If you are fighting them and see her, you are in trouble. They only show themselves before taking decisive action.
DGS Games Miniatures Showcase
Here a thief walks off with the gold she just stole from a lord on the tabletop. 😉

Did anyone say Dinosaurs?

On top of some really great looking soldiers, Freeblades also has a faction that rides giant lizards called

armoured Dinosaur riding 32mm knights - DGS Games Miniatures
Here a knight on a Velozar (giant lizard) takes on a knight on foot. Wonder who will win this fight. My money is on the Dinosaur riding knight. 🙂
Lizard / Dinosaur Knights - 32mm miniatures
Another shot of the knights mounted on Velozars. They look so cool to me!

On top of these factions there are a number of others too. If you are into Frostgrave, you might like this group below. These are their Barbarians.

The Kuzaarik

If you like Frostgrave (or models that would fit that setting), this is the faction to check out. Here they have a number of barbarian themed miniatures suited for fighting in the Northlands.

Barbarian Miniature with a climbing rope
A Kuzaarik Operative. Love how he is modeled with a climbing rope!
32mm soldier mounted on a bear - DGS Games Freeblades Miniatures
This model is one of their newest releases. Very cool!

Wrapping it up…

As stated earlier, I have become a real fan of the pictures coming out from DGS Games. They look great to me and I really wanted to share these images. Special thanks goes out to DGS Games for allowing me to use these pictures in this post.

So far there are 12 factions to play. The pictures above are just a very small sample of what is available. If you like what you see, be sure to check out DGS Games sometime and their game Freeblades.

Also, keep watching this site in the future. I got a sample set of characters to check out and review. Thanks so much for sending that in guys.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Update: June 17, 2019 – If you want to read more about the system, check out my post over on Bell of Lost Souls

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