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Third Party GW Paint Holder Review

Okay… I staged the image above. I did not spill Nuln Oil on my work space, nor could I bring my self to actually pour it on my desk for the post. Instead, I used a marker. That said, one of my constant fears is accidentally dumping oil or specialty paint on my beautiful work-space. In fact, this fear goes back even further than my current workstation. I even feared this when I worked on my rough looking table down in the basement of my old house. In this post, I review a Third Party GW Paint Holder.

The review item in this post is actually kind of unique. It is not currently available online. Instead, it is available only in one of my Friendly Local Gaming Stores (FLGS). If you make your way to Kitchener (Ontario, Canada), then this paint holder can be yours too. If you don’t intend on coming to the area, hopefully you still enjoy this article as a look of what other people are doing to protect their paint pots and work areas.

The following item is made available by Phoenix Games & Hobbies in Kitchener (Ontario, Canada). In the interest of full-disclosure, they gave me this base to take a look at for Must Contain Minis. Now, let’s get on with the Review.

Phoenix Games & Hobbies GW Paint Pot Holder

The people at Phoenix games saw a need that they felt the desire to fulfill in that people were spilling their paint pots. This is all well and fine if you protect your work surface, but you still run into the issue of wasted paint if the pots topple over. Of course, if the paint or oil were to go beyond my protected surface, Mrs. Must Contain Minis would have some choice words for me that I would rather avoid.

Phoenix Games & Hobbies GW Paint Pot Holder Review
A look at my work surface. I protect my area with paper towel, a cutting board, a plastic sheet and vinyl underneath. That said, if a paint pot ever did dump and get past all of that, I would be in some serious trouble!!!

To make things even more dangerous, GWs new Contrast Paints are a little taller than their regular pots and their Shades are even taller than that. So the people at Phoenix Games & Hobbies came up with a base to fit your GW Paints into.

As far as being a Third Party GW Paint Holder Review, I think the most important part of this post is just letting you know that the product exists. Now, let’s take a look.

Phoenix Games & Hobbies Paint Pot Holder Review for GW Paints - Contrast Paints, Shades, Base Paints
Third Party GW Paint Pot Holder by Phoenix Games & Hobbies. It’s a nice and simple design to help keep your work area (and paints) safe.

As you can see above, the holder is lined with felt and the pots actually fit in there pretty snug. The bottom is also lined with felt so the base does not slide around your table.

The Base in Use…

Phoenix Games & Hobbies Paint Pot Holder for Miniature Wargame Painting
A look at a small pot of paint in the holder by Phoenix Games & Hobbies. You can see the pot fits in there pretty snug.
Nuln Oil paint pot holder to prevent shades from spilling on your desk
A look at a pot of Shade Paint in the holder. Again, the fit is nix and snug. In fact, it is so snug that I can lift the pot and the base comes with it. The two do not detach until I want them too. Very nice.

I then tested the stability of the shades pot by trying to knock it over. I found this very easy to do when the pot is out on its own. Inside the holder, it takes a good amount of force to knock the item over. It’s not impossible, but much less likely. In fact, most of the times that I bumped it with the force that would have knocked it over on its own, the pot just moved briefly and bounced back into place while it is in the Pot Base by Phoenix Games.

Wrapping it up…

Overall, I have to say that the Third Party GW Paint Pot Holder sold by Phoenix Games and Hobbies (in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) does its job. The base holds onto its paint firmly and stabilizes it from falling over. With how easy messy shades and contrast paints can be, this is not a bad item to have at all.

If the usefulness of this item is apparent to you just by looking at this review, then it is probably worth you looking into. Price-wise, I believe that these clock in at about $8.99 Canadian, which is less than the cost of a GW Shades or Contrast Pot of Paint. If having this saves your paint bottle just once, then it is worth the investment in my mind.

That isn’t even taking into consideration your desk, work-space or floors.

Special thanks goes out to Phoenix Games & Hobbies for giving me one of these bases for review.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!