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My Top 5 DriveThruRPG Recommendations

In this post, I share with my top 5 DriveThruRPG recommendations. For those of you who don’t know, DriveThruRPG is a great website that sells PDF and print copies of rulebooks and more. They focus mostly on RPGs, but also have Miniatures Games and 3D Printer Files too.

For this post of my top five DriveThruRPG recommendations, I focus on products from them that I feel are either a good deal, or that I personally recommend because I like them. To make my judgements fair, I need to own (or have owned) a copy of the recommended items in either physical or electronic format.

At the end, I will list my special mentions and a even a title on the Wargame Vault. The Wargame Vault is owned by the same people who own DriveThruRPG, but some titles are available on just one website and not the other. That said, many are available on both.

A Note About the Links in my Top 5 DriveThruRPG Recommendations

All of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you buy from them, I get a small portion of the sales price as commission. Right now (April 25 at 10am ET to May 1, 2022), it is their Affiliate Week. During this time they will be increasing my share on products bought after using links from this site.

If you miss buying this week, that is okay, I still get a small amount from each purchase from links on this site even after Affiliate week ends. I appreciate the support that you provide by using these links.

Now, let’s get right into my recommendations.

Most Contain Minis’ Top 5 DriveThruRPG Recommendations

Number 5 – 3D Printer Files on DriveThruRPG

My number 5 choice in this countdown is DriveThruRPG’s 3D Printer STL files. If you have access to a 3D Printer, DriveThruRPG can be a fantastic supplier of STL files for you. They have so much available. Just take a look in the STL section of the site.

Now, I own a very large library of STL files, but never got around to acquiring a 3D Printer. The reason I bought the files is because I intended on getting a printer but found myself too busy on other projects to also get into 3D printing. If you don’t have a printer, feel free to move along to my next choice.

If you have a printer, some of my favourite 3D Printer file makers include Fat Dragon Games, Modiphius for their Fallout: Wasteland Warfare line, and 2nd Dynasty. Be sure to check them out. Personally, I liked the look of the Fat Dragon Games stuff enough that it makes up most of my STL library. Below is their Dungeon Starter Set.

Top 5 DriveThruRPG Recommendations - Fat Dragon Games
The STL files by Fat Dragon Games really appeal to me.

Number 4 – Miniature Games on DriveThruRPG

To see all the various miniatures rulesets on DriveThruRPG, check out this link here.

They have new and old titles alike. They even have the original Chainmail from 1971 available in print and PDF formats. Personally, I like exploring newer rulesets. I am a big fan of the Osprey Games Library. My favourite from their collection remains Frostgrave: Second Edition.

I absolutely love Frostgrave. You can get it and its expansions on DriveThruRPG.

If you want to read about Osprey Games, I have plenty of articles featuring their products on this website.

Number 3 – Rangers of Shadow Deep

My choice for number three is Rangers of Shadow Deep Deluxe Edition. The most updated version of the Rulebook is the Deluxe Version published by Modiphius.

Top 5 DriveThruRPG Recommendations - Rangers of Shadow Deep
The Rangers of Shadow Deep Deluxe Edition.

If you prefer, you can still get the original rulebook published by Joseph A. McCullough. This book contains all you need to get going, but you are better off buying the deluxe version. I own both.

On top of that, there are a number of expansions that you can buy related to the game. Each expand the game in fun ways with new adventures.

I own many of these and you can get them in both physical and electronic format from DriveThruRPG. If you go for both, you can even get a discount. That is what I do. I like to buy both the physical and PDF copies when I can.

Number 2 – Blood And Valor

My number two choice is Blood And Valor by Firelock Games.

I enjoyed this rulebook so much that I purchased a physical copy of the book from the Firelock Games website afterwards. It is basically a WW1 adaptation of their Blood & Plunder rules. It focuses on small scale skirmishes during the Great War.

Top 5 DriveThruRPG Recommendations - Number 2 - Blood And Valor
This book was so much fun, I bought the physical copy after buying the digital copy on DriveThruRPG.

As an interesting fact, Firelock Games’ Blood & Plunder Rulebook is the second most purchased DriveThruRPG product on Must Contain Minis. That game is one of the most visually appealing games that I ever saw on a tabletop.

Blood & Plunder
This is the second most purchased book from MCM on DriveThruRPG.

If you want to read about Firelock Games, I have plenty of articles featuring their products on this website.

Number 1 – Spellcaster: The Frostgrave Magazine

The number one selling products on DriveThruRPG through MCM is Spellcaster Magazine. No matter which magazine you buy, I recommend this line of PDF files. You can find all of the Spellcaster magazines to date here. These books are a great way to get extra rules and scenarios for your Frostgrave Games.

DriveThruRPG Recommendations - Number 1 - Spellcaster the Frostgrave Magazine
Spellcaster adds additional rules to Frostgrave at an affordable price.

Like many of the other books, you can get this in either PDF or Print format from DriveThruRPG. I own them as PDFs, but the can attest to the quality of DriveThruRPG as I have bought many other titles in print too.

An Observation About My DriveThruRPG Recommendations

In looking at my DriveThruRPG Recommendations, I notice that there is a disproportionate number of titles by Joseph A. McCullough.

I guess I have to say it. I am a fan of his. His work tends to bridge the world between miniatures games and role playing games in a way that I find very satisfying. If you are a fan of either game type, you might find your way into his games and feel right at home. They are great.

Now, let’s talk about my special mentions that did not make my top 5 list.

Special Mentions – DriveThruRPG Recommendations

On top of the above titles, I other titles to mention too. These products I do not necessarily own, but they may be of interest to me, or I have friends who highly recommend them.


The Blaster Anthologies has long been on my wish list. This series of books feature five folks working together to expand existing games and to publish stand along games too. Volume number three includes a standalone game called Sludge War that sounds very interesting. At the time of this article, there are four volumes to this series.

Clash of Spears

Here is a book that I own and wanted to add to the list. I have the physical copy of Clash of Spears, and I can tell you that the production values of this book are high. If you want to play ancient skirmishes with 30 or more miniatures per side, this game might be worth a look.

Reign in Hell

Reign in Hell is a game that got a lot of press a short while ago. Designed by Adam Loper of Tabletop minions and Vince Venturella of Warhammer Weekly, the book holds a lot of promise. If you are looking for a quick skirmish game to work with your demon miniatures though, this could fit the bill. I bought both the PDF and physical copy of this book, but I have not yet read the rules. I just like collecting rule sets sometimes.

One Page Rules

I hear great things about One Page Rules. They sell paper miniatures and rulesets on DriveThruRPG. They have both Fantasy and Sci-Fi rulesets. If you are after an extremely affordable way to get into tabletop gaming (or a different way to use your preexisting miniatures), One Page Rules might be worth a look.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in my Top 5 DriveThruRPG Recommendations. Hopefully you enjoy my suggestions and perhaps find something new for yourself too.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

DriveThruRPG Recommendations for Miniature Wargamers
This concludes my top 5 DriveThruRPG Recommendations.

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  1. Marc

    Ha – scrolled down to comment about Reign in Hell, but you beat me to it. 🙂 I’ll also put in a plug for Fantastic Battles by Nic Wright (small scale mass fantasy battles rules) and the Song of… series by Andrea Sfilgoi.

    Be sure to check Wargame Vault as well! They’re connected sites, but sometimes things will show up on one and not the other.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks so much for the comment Marc. Song of… is a great series of games too. I like Andrea Sfilgoi’s work. I haven’t tried Fantastic Battles. Thanks again! ~Jacob

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