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Canadian Companies & Ontario Conventions Update

Do you want to support Canadian Businesses that make miniature products or go to an Ontario Convention?

Well, I just updated both of the Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies and the Ontario Miniature Gaming Convention Page. If you haven’t checked them out, be sure to take a look.

As you might guess, one looks at Canadian Companies that have their own website store and manufacture a miniature product of some sort. The other lists all of the Ontario Gaming Conventions that I know of featuring miniatures as a primary focus. It also contains dates and links so you can plan your gaming schedule to come.

Wrapping it up…

On top of being a website about miniatures and miniature related products, Must Contain Minis also contains a few recourse pages too. The two pages above are part my effort to help grow the gaming community and introduce people to companies that they might not other wise know about.

In this post I linked directly to both pages. That said, you can also always find a link to them at the top left of this site. These resources are always available to my readers.

Thanks for visiting.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!