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Working on Bolt Action Grenadiers

When I first started Must Contain Minis, Bolt Action was a game that I covered a lot. The reason for this is that it is a great game and I like that it is set in World War 2. Recently, I found an extra sprue of German Grenadiers that I had sitting around so I built them!!!

Bolt Action German Grenadiers Sprue
A sprue of figures from the Bolt Action – Band of Brothers. There is a nicer picture of this sprue in my unboxing post of this 2-player starter set.

This sprue was a left over from my Bolt Action: Band of Brothers 2 player starter set.

Building the Figures

I found building the figures quick and straight forward. On top of that, Warlord Games provides a highly detailed sheet breaking down what is on the sprue.

Building Bolt Action German Grenadiers
This sheet labelled each piece very well. It really helped with me building the figures. Honestly though, I think the figures are straight forward enough to build without the guide sheet though.
Tamiya Limonene Cement - use this instead of plastic cement to avoid unpleasant fumes.
To glue the figures together, I used Limonene Cement by Tamiya. It works like plastic cement, but without the unpleasant odor.

When I finished the figures, here is how they looked.

The built 28mm German Grenadiers
The completed German Grenadiers from A Band of Brothers by Warlord Games.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each figure.

Close-ups of Plastic Bolt Action German Grenadiers

I like building and taking pictures of miniatures, so let’s take a closer look at these figures by Warlord Games. I lost some of the bases, so I used some green ones from other figures that are the same size as Bolt Action bases.

The officer with a rifle
Looks good to me.
A second in command with an SMG
I like the pose on this figure.
The leading Grenadier officer - 28mm Bolt Action Figures
I picture this guy in charge of the group with his map and binoculars and an SMG hanging around his shoulder and neck.
Another look at the same miniature
Another look at the same figure. I am going to share the rest of the pictures of the figures without further commentary until the end.
A Bolt Action figure
German Grenadier
A look at a German Grenadier by Warlord Games
A 28mm Bolt Action Grenadier with a panzerfaust.

Wrapping it up…

I found it enjoyable to work with Warlord Games figures again for Bolt Action. This small group of six soldiers will find their home in my small 28mm German Heer Army.

Coming up soon, I have a video where I fit that small army into a Feldherr Mini Plus bag. Oh, if you are interested in an army bag of some sort from them, you can use the Coupon Code BOLT2022 to save 5 Euro off an order of 50 Euro or more.

These figures come from the Band of Brothers Two-Player Starter Set for the game. I have an unboxing of that box here, and it shows all of the sprues that come in there in nice and clear pictures. This box set also made it on my Christmas 2021 suggestions list for people looking for Two Player Starter Sets.

Again, these minis are by Warlord Games. For those curious, I bought mine from Forbes Hobbies in Cambridge, Ontario (Canada). They have a new location in Cambridge that is shaping up to be a really nice space.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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