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The Hypatia Battlefleet Review – Dystopian Wars

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Welcome to my written Hypatia Battlefleet Review for Dystopian Wars.

You may have already seen my video review if you follow me on YouTube, but today I present to you a written version. If you are after the video, here is a direct link to the video, or head to the end of this page for the embedded file.

Now, let’s continue with this written review. In the box, you get a number of very easy to build models. The cruisers can be built in four different ways, the subs in two ways and you can choose how to arm the Hypatia Class Battleship.

The Hypatia Battlefleet Set Box and Contents

Here you can see two ways to build the submarines and four different ways to build the cruisers.
The contents came very nicely packaged.
Personally, I found these models very easy to build and I enjoyed the construction process.
And here is the back of the sprue.

Quickly Putting Together The Models

The Hypatia Battlefleet set goes together really easily. These models were a pleasure to put together and I really like the cruiser variants that you can make from this boxed set.

Here are the resin components of the Capital Ship – The Hypatia Class Battleship.
It goes together so easily.
The submarines go together in three parts. You get a forth part so you get a choice of the nose and armament of the model.
Here is one of the subs built. So simple.
Here is the main body of the cruiser.
You can put it together in three different ways. Here is the command / logistics type ship.
You can also build the ship as a missile launching platform.
Or as a “Short Range Squadron” carrier. Basically a fighter carrier.
The fighter carrier is my favourite variant.
Because I aimed to provide a good Hypatia Battlefleet review, I made two variants of the cruiser. One as the missile launching platform and the other as a carrier.
Oh yes, this box comes with tokens for the Short Range Squadrons and for the Special Whale Squadrons that came as cardboard cutouts in the two-player starter set.

The Complete Hypatia Battlefleet

Below I placed a few pictures of the completed Battlefleet set.

The Hypatia Battlefleet.
A higher angle of the fleet.

How To Get Your Hands On These Minis

If you like these minis, check out your friendly local gaming store and see if they can get the models in for you. If you don’t have a favourite store already, Wayland Games [Affiliate Link] is a great option. In fact, Wayland Games owns Warcradle Studios, who are the makers of Dystopian Wars.

In a sense, you basically buy from the manufacturer when you buy Dystopian Wars from Wayland Games. Here is a direct link to the Hypatia Battlefleet Set [Affiliate Link] on their online store.

The Video Review

For those of you who like to watch reviews, here is my video review of the Hypatia Battlefleet. If the embedded video below does not work, try this one here.

My video review of the Hypatia Battlefleet Set for Dystopian Wars.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in my Hypatia Battlefleet Review for Dystopian Wars. Personally, I really enjoy building Dystopian Wars ships. I like the simpler builds and this is one of them. The Anatolia Battlefleet and the Constitution Battlefleet sets are on the more complex side of models.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!