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Rubicon USMC Marines Review

Welcome to this Rubicon USMC Marines Review. These new figures come to Must Contain Minis through a friend and are made to represent Soldiers of the United States Marine Core from 1955 to 1975. If you are looking to game the Vietnam War in 28mm, this kit might be worth a look. Now, let’s take a look at these new miniatures by Rubicon Models.

To be fully correct, Rubicon calls these miniatures 1/56 plastic figures. 1/56 is going to put you into the same size range as typical 28mm wargaming miniatures and they come with 25mm round bases. Perfect if you want to use them for Bolt Action or any other historical miniatures games.

Checking Out the Box and Contents of Rubicon’s USMC Marines

Because I started with a picture of the cover, I am going to start here with the back of the box and then flip it to the front.

The Back of the Box
Above is the back of the box by Rubicon Models. If you want to know what is in there, the box tells you exactly what to expect. I have close up pictures of those sprues further down below.
USMC Box Art
Here we have the front cover of the box. Some nice box-art on there.

On first observation, this box feels pretty full and it has a little more weight than I expected. Now, let’s open it up and see what is in there.

Rubicon USMC Marines Review – Contents of the Box

Opening up the box, I found the reason for why this box felt so solid. Take a look at all that packaging!

What comes in the box
I did not expect this. Each sprue is individually packaged in thick protective plastic.

In addition to the plastic sprues and bases, this kit also came with a paper insert that contains the directions for the models. I am not going to show all that is in there, but I will show you the cover the page and one of the interior pages too.

The Instructions

The instruction pamphlet
This paper instruction booklet also came with the miniatures kit.
Rubicon USMC Marines Review
And here is one of the instruction pages. As you can see, there are lots of ways to put these figures together.

Now that you have seen the instructions, let’s take a close look at what is on the sprues.

The Sprues

For this Rubicon USMC Marines Review, I got a couple of good pictures of the sprues. This will show you exactly what is on those plastic frames.

USMC Sprue - Rubicon
Here is the USMC Sprue. There are 5 of these in that box set. You can see that the pieces are nicely numbered for easy identification.
Command USMC Sprue - Rubicon
And here is the Command Sprue. There is just one of these in the box set.

Building Rubicon’s USMC Marines

Now, I didn’t just unpack these figures to get pictures of the sprues, but I asked my friend for permission to build a few of the miniatures too.

They went together pretty well. I built up the simpler figures. You can get much more detailed than I chose too with these models.

Building a Miniature
I opted to build one of the figures with a torso and body already together. Some of the miniatures require you to glue the legs to the model individually. You can kind of pick them out on the earlier picture of the sprues.
Parts of the figure
And here are the parts of the second model that I built. You can add on many more details like pouches and canteens, but I was building for speed.

Even though I chose out models with legs and torsos already together, I found myself needing a helping hand for one of these two models. To do this, I reached for my Citadel Assembly Handle.

Building the miniatures
Because this models pose is so dynamic, I needed to use this clamp to hold the model up while the glue dried. I was using plastic cement for this.
Rubicon USMC Marines Review - Completed figure
When it was done the miniature looked pretty good.

Material wise, these miniatures are made out of hard plastic. They have the normal feel of your Bolt Action and Games Workshop miniatures. That said, their proportions are much truer to life.

Rubicon USMC Marines Review – Scale Comparison

To give you a better sense of scale of the models, here they are versus other figures from different manufacturers.

Scale Comparison - Rubicon USMC Marines Review
Here we have the two USMC Marines I built by Rubicon versus Sci-Fi Figures for Warhammer 40K and Bolt Action Miniatures by Warlord Games.
Scale Comparison - 28mm Rubicon Models to Warlord Games Bolt Action to Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000
Here I added in a couple of Rubicon Viet Cong Fighters to the mix. Left to right… Chaos Cultist (GW), USMC Marine, British Soldier (Warlord Games), Viet Cong Fighter, British Soldier (Warlord Games), USMC Marine, British Soldier (Warlord Games), Viet Cong Fighter, Primaris Space Marine (GW).

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this Rubicon USMC Marines Review. Before this post, I had never built anything by Rubicon Models. That said, I have known about the company for years and eyed a number of their 1/56 WW2 vehicles in the past as potential additions to my miniatures collections.

With these being my first experience with Rubicon, I did like them. Compared to Warlord Games Bolt Action miniatures, Rubicon’s figures are more true scale in their proportions. They also feel a little more dynamic, but that comes at the cost of flexibility as the parts don’t feel as interchangeable as some other kits. Specific arms go with specific guns.

That said, there are still a lot of options in this box and the figures look good. The extras that you can paste onto them certainly adds to the level of detail and customization for the figures too.

Have you worked with Rubicon Models before? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Until next time, Happy Wargaming Everyone!!!