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Rubicon Viet Cong Fighters Review

Today I review the new Viet Cong Fighters miniatures by Rubicon Models. For me, this is the first time that I have ever looked at these 28mm models. Like the USMC Marines that I looked at in my last review, these figures represent the combatants of the Vietnam War and can cover the period of 1955 to 1975.

Now, let’s get into it.

Checking Out the Box and Contents of Rubicon’s Viet Cong Fighters

Like the USMC miniatures, these miniatures come well packaged with some nice artwork.

Viet Cong Fighters for miniature wargaming in 28mm
Here is the back of the box.
28mm Viet Cong Fighters by Rubicon Models - 1/56 scale plastic figures
And a closer look at the front of the box.

Rubicon Viet Cong Fighters Review – Contents of the Box

It almost feels like a repeat of my USMC review, but these figures also come well packaged with each sprue individually sealed into a bag of plastic.

Rubicon Models 28mm Viet Cong Fighters contents of the box
All this comes packaged in this box set.
Viet Cong Fighters - Miniatures come with the sprues sealed in plastic
To better illustrate the packaging, look at this. Rubicon Models individually wrapped and sealed each sprue. You won’t be missing any of the plastic pieces from these boxes. There is no way for them to escape!

The Instructions

This kit comes with some well done instructions inside of the box. Below I placed a couple pictures of those instructions, but not the full booklet.

The instructions cover
The cover of the small booklet / leaflet inside of the box.
The instructions
Rubicon gives us many ways to build these figures.

The Sprues

Now, let me show you the sprues in the box.

One of the two Viet Cong Fighters plastic frames by Rubicon Models
Here we have one of the two frames. Below I placed a picture of the other sprue.
The other sprue
Here is the rear of the other plastic frame. You can see that all of the parts are labelled / numbered on both sides of the sprue.

Building Rubicon’s Viet Cong Fighters

This kit comes with plenty of accessories for your models. For these figures, I decided to go for a speed build and to use the minimum number of parts. You can add more to these figures than I did in the photos below.

Building the miniatures - speed build
Here I have the parts for one of the figures ready to go. Maybe they could use a little more cleaning. I will come back to them.
Building Viet Cong Fighters - 28mm
Here I actually changed my mind on the speed build and clipped out some ammo pouches for the model in addition to the other pieces.

Now, let me show you how these figures look once they are built with a scale comparison photo.

Rubicon Viet Cong Fighters Review – Scale Comparison

Below we have these two figures built and shown alongside some minis from other brands.

Viet Cong Fighters Review - Scale Comparison Image
On the outside I placed two Warhammer 40K miniatures. In the middle – two Bolt Action miniatures by Warlord Games. The two unpainted figures are the ones from this box set. You can see the extra ammo I through on the one on the right. Some nice details on these figures.
Rubicon Models 28mm miniatures scale comparison to Warlord Games and Games Workshop
Here we have the same miniatures line up with the USMC Marines added in.

Wrapping it up…

This review and my one about the USMC Marines represent my first view and thoughts of Rubicon Models. Before these boxes, I never bought a model kit of theirs. That said, I was always interested in their WW2 vehicles, but never got around to trying them.

They are nice models made of hard plastic and in 28mm. If you are looking for some Vietnam era miniatures, give these figures some consideration.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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